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Biden Says He’ll Be A President For All, Including Pro-Trump ‘Chumps’ At Rally

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["Democratic nominee Joe Biden said Saturday at a rally in Pennsylvania that if he wins the presidency, he will work hard on behalf of all Americans — including people like the “chumps” who gathered outside the event,...

Biden Expected To Name Senior Members Of Economic Team

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["WASHINGTON (Reuters) - President-elect Joe Biden is expected to name former Obama administration adviser Neera Tanden as director of the White House budget office, and economist Cecilia Rouse as chair of the Council...

Biden che riempie il miglior team della Casa Bianca con i veterani della campagna

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["ATLANTA (AP) — Il presidente eletto Joe Biden ha annunciato martedì una serie di posizioni di vertice nello staff della Casa Bianca, attingendo dai ranghi più alti della sua campagna e da alcuni dei suoi più stretti confidenti per compilare un ...

Latino Biden Supporters In Philadelphia Grasp For Answers As Night Wears On

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["Kevin Lamarque/Reuters Joe Biden speaks to a largely Mexican American audience in Las Vegas on Oct. 9. Some supporters wish Biden had invested more resources in Latino outreach in Pennsylvania. PHILADELPHIA ― The mo...

Naomi Biden Teases ‘PopJoe After He Says He’s Limiting Thanksgiving Guests

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["Naomi Biden’s got her eye on her granddad after his latest comments about this year’s Thanksgiving celebrations. President-elect Joe Biden said in a news conference Monday that he and his wife, Jill, had narrowed do...

‘America Is Back’: Biden Pushes Past Trump Era With Nominees

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["WILMINGTON, del. (AP) — Declaring “America is back,” President-elect Joe Biden introduced his national security team, his first substantive offering of how he’ll shift from Trump-era “America First” policies by rely...

Biden accenna a una cerimonia di inaugurazione per lo più virtuale: 'La chiave è mantenere le persone al sicuro’

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["Il presidente eletto Joe Biden - che ha ricevuto il maggior numero di voti nella storia delle elezioni presidenziali - potrebbe anche finire per avere l'inaugurazione più tranquilla nella memoria recente. Biden ha accennato a una cerimonia attenuata priva dell'usua...

Trump Administration Finally Clears Way For Biden Transition To Begin

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["Emily Murphy, the administrator of the General Services Administration, said the transition between President Donald Trump and President-elect Joe Biden can begin, releasing millions of dollars in funds and clearing...

La campagna Biden considera l'azione legale oltre il ritardo nel riconoscimento della transizione

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["WILMINGTON, del. (Reuters) - Il team di transizione del presidente eletto Joe Biden sta valutando un'azione legale per il ritardo di un'agenzia federale nel riconoscere la vittoria dei Democratici sul presidente Donald Trump nell'elezione della scorsa settimana..

How Joe Biden Navigated Pandemic Politics To Win The White House

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["ASSOCIATED PRESS President-elect Joe Biden speaks Saturday, novembre. 7, 2020, in Wilmington, del. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik) WILMINGTON, del. (AP) — Joe Biden was fresh off winning the Michigan primary and effectively cap...

Why It Matters That Jill Biden Plans To Teach While Serving As First Lady

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["AP Photo/Chris O'Meara Jill Biden wants to keep her teaching job, just as the former second lady did during the Obama administration. If everything goes as planned, Jill Biden will become the first first lady with a...

Joe Biden Ran On Character. That’s Not Going To Fix What’s Broken With America.

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["Brian Snyder / Reuters Trump’s removal alone will not solve the nation’s troubles. It will not even prevent them from deepening over the next few months. The results, at last, seem clear. After several emotionally w...

Climate Progressives Eye Treasury As Key Post If Biden Wins

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["The Treasury Department is emerging as a high-priority for climate progressives seeking to influence a Joe Biden administration, should he win the 2020 elezione. Two names top the climate activists’ lists: Suo. El...

Michigan Certifies Election Results, Declaring Biden Winner In New Blow To Trump

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["Michigan’s Board of Canvassers certified the state’s election results on Monday, declaring President-elect Joe Biden the winner of the state and handing President Donald Trump an official loss despite his unpreceden...

Japanese Mask Maker Dumps Trump, Embraces Biden

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["TOKYO, novembre 12 (Reuters) - For a mask producer in Japan, the transition from President Donald Trump to Joe Biden has been a smooth one, as it switches production to masks of the Democrat president-elect. Ogawa Studio...

Just Skip The Senate To Install A Cabinet, Progressives Urge Joe Biden

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["President-elect Joe Biden faces the very real possibility of taking office with a Senate controlled by Republicans, ready to block him at every turn. Progressive activists say they have a simple solution, at least w...