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Once Again, Georgia Certifies Election Results Confirming Biden’s Win

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["ATLANTA (AP) — Georgia’s top elections official on Monday recertified the state’s election results after a recount requested by President Donald Trump confirmed once again that Democrat Joe Biden won the state, e ...

Muslim and Arab Voters May Have Secured Biden’s Michigan Win

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["Arab and Muslim communities likely substantially contributed to Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s victory in Michigan, according to local activists and organizers. Emgage Action, a Muslim civic advocacy or...

Janet Yellen, Biden’s Treasury Pick, Could Be Key To Confronting Climate

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["On July 17, 1997, a day when thermometers in the nation’s capital broke 100 degrees Fahrenheit, the chair of the White House Council of Economic Advisers delivered a speech to the Senate about an issue of mounting c...

As Democrats Hail Joe Biden’s Presidential Win, GOP Mostly Stays Quiet

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["Democrats greeted the news that Democrats Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will be the next president and vice president of the United States on Saturday with jubilation, congratulating them on their historic win over Pr...

Biden’s Daily Intel Briefings Remind Us That Trump Hardly Bothered With Them

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["President-elect Joe Biden said Tuesday that he will begin receiving the President’s Daily Brief — a return to routine for a country that, for four years, has been run by a president who has refused to listen to inte...

Eva Longoria Apologizes For Downplaying Black Women’s Role In Biden’s Win

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["Eva Longoria is apologizing for undermining the crucial role Black women played in the recent presidential election, clarifying that she never meant to take credit from the voters who helped to deliver President-ele...

CNN’s Brianna Keilar Shreds Marco Rubio For ‘Cheap ShotAt Biden’s Cabinet Picks

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["CNN’s Brianna Keilar on Wednesday delivered a withering takedown of Republican Sen. Marco Rubio’s knock on President-elect Joe Biden’s “Ivy League” Cabinet picks. The Florida senator faced criticism for tweeting on ...

Teen With Stutter Who Spoke At DNC Thrilled About Biden’s Victory

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["A 13-year-old boy with a stutter who met Joe Biden on the campaign trail is thrilled his new pal won the presidential election. In a video clip that went viral, Biden, who stuttered when he was young, encouraged Bra...

Op-Ed del Ringraziamento di Joe e Jill Biden: 'Ce la faremo insieme’

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["In un editoriale congiunto pubblicato dalla CNN il Giorno del Ringraziamento, Il presidente eletto Joe Biden e la futura first lady Jill Biden hanno ringraziato gli americani che hanno vissuto l'era del COVID-19, incoraggiando tutti ad andare avanti...

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