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Stephen Colbert Nails Why Biden May Have A Hard Time Reading Trump’s Briefings

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["Stephen Colbert on Wednesday spotted what could be a “tough” part of the transition into office for President-elect Joe Biden. “The Late Show” host noted how the White House has finally signed off — after weeks of s...

Biden’s Daily Intel Briefings Remind Us That Trump Hardly Bothered With Them

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["President-elect Joe Biden said Tuesday that he will begin receiving the President’s Daily Brief — a return to routine for a country that, for four years, has been run by a president who has refused to listen to inte...

GOP Senator Walks Back Strong Push For Joe Biden To Receive Intelligence Briefings

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["它的. James Lankford (R-Okla.) retreated on Monday from his full-throated call for the Trump administration to grant President-elect Joe Biden’s transition team access to highly classified intelligence briefings. Lan...

GOP Senator Says He Will Intervene If Biden Isn’t Granted Access To Intel Briefings Soon

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["Republican Sen. James Lankford of Oklahoma said Wednesday that he will intervene if the Trump administration hasn’t allowed President-elect Joe Biden to access intelligence briefings by the end of the week. Lankford...