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Biden Campaign Excoriates Facebook For Wrongly Banning Thousands Of Its Ads

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["Democrat Joe Biden’s presidential campaign excoriated Facebook for being “wholly unprepared to handle this election” after thousands of its ads were allegedly wrongly banned as part of the platform’s pre-election re...

Trump Campaign Caught Videotaping Voters At Philadelphia Ballot Drop Boxes

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["The Trump campaign has been videotaping voters as they deposit ballots in drop boxes in Philadelphia ― a practice that the campaign claims is to document ballot fraud but that the Pennsylvania attorney general warns...

How Pro-Democracy Protesters Drowned Out A MAGA Vote Suppression Campaign

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["Andrew Lichtenstein/Corbis via Getty Images Anti-Trump voters hold a dance party Thursday and demand that every ballot be counted outside the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia, where mail-in ballots are...

1,500 변호사, 변호사 협회에 트럼프 캠페인 변호사 비난 촉구

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["공개 편지에서, 1,500 변호사들은 미국의 의지를 뒤집으려는 도널드 트럼프 캠페인을 비난했습니다.. 트럼프를 대신해 소송을 제기한 변호사를 조사하기 위해 변호사 협회에 촉구했습니다.. 르 ...

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