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Tucker Carlson Springs His Dumbest Attack Yet On Anthony Fauci

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["The coronavirus pandemic rages as many Americans and their political leaders ignore the guidance of Dr. Anthony Fauci and other health officials. But Fox News personality Tucker Carlson on Wednesday took an astoundi...

Trump Posts News So Fake That Tucker Carlson Had To Apologize For It

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["President Donald Trump posted some fake news on Tuesday night, sharing a Fox News story by Tucker Carlson that Carlson himself had already apologized for broadcasting. Trump’s tweet linked to a report by Carlson cla...

Tucker Carlson Tells Viewers He Isn’t Leaving Fox News

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["Fox News host Tucker Carlson reassured viewers Monday that he isn’t leaving the right-wing cable channel after a false social media post indicated he was. (See the video below.) “Over the weekend, we got a lot of ca...

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Apologizes For His Fake Dead Man Voting Story

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["Fox News host Tucker Carlson apologized Friday for one of his fake news stories that a dead man had voted in Georgia. He admitted he was absolutely wrong, and that it was the dead veteran’s widow who voted in Georgi...

Tucker Carlson Says ‘Let’s All Stop Lying.Twitter Mockingly Agrees.

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["We can’t lie ― the responses to Fox News personality Tucker Carlson urging the nation to stop lying are pretty funny. “How do we bring the country together?” Carlson asked on his show Monday between his attacks on “...

Tucker Carlson Moans That Election Is Now ‘In The Control Of LawyersAfter Trump Sues

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["Tucker Carlson complained Wednesday that the outcome of the presidential election is now under the control of lawyers, ignoring why that’s the case. (See the video below.) President Donald Trump has filed lawsuits i...

Candace Owens Hilariously Botches Her Elect-Trump Plea On ‘Tucker Carlson

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["Conservative commentator Candace Owens was on a fearmongering roll Monday about how the “radical left” is “gonna come for you” and “move into the suburbs.” Owens, on Tucker Carlson’s Fox News show, seemed to buy int...

Tucker Carlson Claims He’s Going To Leave ‘Fallen ManHunter Biden Alone Now

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["Fox News host Tucker Carlson, who has speculated for the last month about alleged corruption surrounding the overseas business dealings of Hunter Biden, insisted on Thursday evening that he didn’t want to be involve...