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Global Coronavirus Cases Surpass 40 Million Milestone

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["Oct 19 (로이터) - Worldwide coronavirus cases crossed 40 million on Monday, as the onset of winter in the northern hemisphere fueled a resurgence in the spread of the disease. Experts believe the true numbers of bo...

우리를. Coronavirus Pandemic Sets New Record, Surpassing Over 100,000 Daily Cases Again

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["While the U.S. awaits election results, the coronavirus pandemic continues to ravage the country, with a record more than 100,000 cases reported Wednesday. The eastern half of the country is engulfed in rising cases...

Why Are COVID-19 Cases Spiking In The Midwest?

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["Chip Somodevilla via Getty Images Supporters of President Donald Trump have their temperature taken as a precaution against the coronavirus before attending a campaign rally at Capital Region International Airport O...

우리를. Daily Coronavirus Cases Exceed 125,000, Third Day Over 100,000

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["(로이터) — U.S. coronavirus infections surged by at least 129,606 on Friday, according to a Reuters tally, the third consecutive daily rise of more than 100,000 cases as a third wave of COVID-19 sweeps the United S...

‘We’re Drowning’: COVID Cases Flood Hospitals In America’s Heartland

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["(로이터) - 박사. Drew Miller knew his patient had to be moved. The vital signs of the 30-year-old COVID-19 victim were crashing, and Kearny County Hospital in rural Lakin, Kansas, just wasn’t equipped to handle the c...

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