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Ice Bucket Challenge Co-Creator Patrick Quinn Dies At Age 37

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["NEW YORK (Reuters) - Patrick Quinn, whose personal battle with ALS helped power the Ice Bucket Challenge fundraising campaign, died on Sunday at age 37, seven years after his diagnosis, supporters announced on Faceb...

Alaska Sen. Dan Sullivan Survives Spirited Challenge

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["Larry Downing / Reuters Sen. Dan Sullivan (R-Alaska) is headed to Washington for a second term. His opponent, Dr. Al Gross, did not convince enough Alaskans to oust the incumbent. Sen. Dan Sullivan, an Alaska Republ...

Lindsey Graham Holds On To South Carolina Senate Seat Amid Well-Funded Challenge

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["Sen. Lindsey Graham is projected to win a fourth term in Congress, clinching a victory over Democrat Jaime Harrison. Graham had won 54% of the vote as of Tuesday night. The win ensures that one of the most powerfu...

Lindsey Graham Bets His Career On Supreme Court: ‘Biggest Challenge I’ve Ever Faced

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["GREENVILLE, S.C. ― Lindsey Graham has a real race on his hands and he knows it. The Republican senator is being squeezed from all sides as the election nears ― from his left by a well-funded Democratic opponent, Ja...