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콜버트가 오바마에 도전하다, 부시와 클린턴은 '레이트 쇼'에서 COVID-19 백신을 복용합니다

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["Stephen Colbert는 목요일에 Barack Obama 전 대통령을 초청했습니다., 조지 여. 부시와 빌 클린턴은 COVID-19 백신을 복용하기 위해 "Late Show"에 출연합니다.. 전임 대통령 3명 모두 백신 접종 약속. NS...

Comedian Sarah Cooper Hilariously Skewers Trump Camp’s Absurd Ballot Challenges

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["Popular TikTok comedian Sarah Cooper posed as a ditzy Donald Trump campaign lawyer in her latest video Monday, challenging three Democratic votes for President-elect Joe Biden because they had “chocolate sauce” on t...

ACLU Challenges ‘Torturous Conditions’ Of Only Woman On Federal Death Row

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["Handout/Reuters Lisa Montgomery is scheduled to be executed on Dec. 8. If it occurs, she will be the first woman executed by the federal government in almost 70 years. 리사 몽고메리, the only woman on federal dea...