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Eyewitness Exposes The ‘SickTruth About Trump’s Treatment Of Migrant Children

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["President Donald Trump insists that hundreds of migrant children who were separated from their immigrant parents and held in detention centers are “so well taken care of.” But a reporter who saw how those kids are t...

Don Lemon Shines A Light On The Election Lies Spread By Donald Trump’s Adult Children

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["CNN’s Don Lemon on Wednesday highlighted the misinformation that has been spread by President Donald Trump’s adult children in the wake of their father’s projected election defeat. The “CNN Tonight” host noted how D...

麦当娜揭开了她的“第一个”’ 向她致敬的纹身 6 孩子们

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["不断发展的风格图标, 麦当娜正在运动一些新鲜的墨水. 流行天后周一晚间在社交媒体上透露了她的“第一个”纹身. 在 Instagram 上发布的一系列照片中, 看到这位歌手来访.