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Civil Rights Groups Sue Trump Administration Over Diversity Training Ban

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["Two civil rights groups filed suit against the Trump administration on Thursday over its executive order banning diversity training, calling it an unconstitutional assault on free speech and equal rights under the l...

Walmart Removes Guns From Floor Displays, Citing ‘Civil Unrest

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["Retail giant Walmart has removed guns and ammunition from its U.S. sales floors out of concern for theft amid “civil unrest” over the killings of Black people by police. Guns will remain available for purchase upon...

Pro-Trump Groups Call For Civil War, In Apparent Defiance Of Facebook’s Policy

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["On Thursday afternoon, as the membership in a “Stop the Steal” group on Facebook swelled to more than 360,000, the social media company made a decision to shut it down. The group was “creating real-world events,” wa...

Betsy DeVos’ Nalatenskap: Die transformasie van hoe die onderwysdepartement burgerregte hanteer

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["Illustrasie: Damon Dahlen/HuffPost; Foto's: Getty Die Departement van Onderwys, onder sekretaris Betsy DeVos, is gekenmerk deur wanordelike besluitnemingsprosesse, sê sommige werknemers en advokate. The U.S....