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GOP Congressional Wins Dash Hopes For Ambitious Climate Action Next Year

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["Republican victories in Tuesday night’s election and a still-tight race between President Donald Trump and Democrat Joe Biden cast doubt over the chances of the United States enacting significant measures to curb pl...

Trump Administration Removes Official Who Oversees National Climate Assessment

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["The White House has removed the scientist who oversees the National Climate Assessment, the federal government’s definitive report on climate change, The New York Times and The Washington Post reported Monday. Micha...

As The Climate Warms, Hurricanes Are Lasting Longer Over Land, Study Finds

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["One week after Pinaki Chakraborty moved to Okinawa, Japan, from the American Midwest, a giant typhoon formed over the Pacific and barreled right into the small island. The October 2012 storm was unlike anything the...

Janet Yellen, Biden’s Treasury Pick, Could Be Key To Confronting Climate

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["On July 17, 1997, a day when thermometers in the nation’s capital broke 100 degrees Fahrenheit, the chair of the White House Council of Economic Advisers delivered a speech to the Senate about an issue of mounting c...

Biden’s Approach To Brazil’s Bolsonaro Could Prove He’s Serious About Climate Change

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["As record numbers of fires scorched the Amazon rainforest during each of the past two summers, far-right Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro knew where to turn for refuge from international scorn: the United States. ...

Climate Progressives Eye Treasury As Key Post If Biden Wins

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["The Treasury Department is emerging as a high-priority for climate progressives seeking to influence a Joe Biden administration, should he win the 2020 选举. Two names top the climate activists’ lists: 它的. El...

我们. Formally Exits Paris Climate Accord Amid Election Uncertainty

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["华盛顿 (路透社) ― The United States formally exited the Paris Agreement on Wednesday, fulfilling a years-long promise by President Donald Trump to withdraw the world’s second-largest greenhouse gas emitter from...