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Hurricane Zeta Makes Landfall On Louisiana Coast

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["NEW ORLEANS (AP) — Hurricane Zeta slammed into storm-weary Louisiana on Wednesday with New Orleans squarely in its path, pelting homes and businesses with rain and high winds and threatening to push up to 9 feet of ...

West Coast, Hawaii Legislators Call For Rent Relief From Congress

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["State lawmakers in California, Hawaii, Oregon and Washington are urging Congress to take action and protect the millions of renters facing eviction amid the coronavirus pandemic. “Our constituents can no longer make...

Missing Man Found Clinging To Capsized Boat 86 Miles Off Florida Coast

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["If Stuart Bee wasn’t already thankful this Thanksgiving, he’s sure to be now. The 62-year-old man was rescued from the bow of his capsized boat early Sunday morning after a passing ship found the vessel bobbing roug...