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Couple Married For 68 Years Dies In Colorado Wildfire After Refusing To Leave Home

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["Authorities found a Colorado couple dead in their home on Friday after hearing that they had been “adamant they would not leave” their beloved home as wildfires continue to burn through the state. Lyle and Marylin H...

Colorado Voters Pass Paid Family Leave

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["Colorado voters approved a ballot measure Tuesday that will establish paid family leave in the state, according to projections from The Associated Press. The measure made Colorado the ninth state to offer time off f...

Colorado Rejects Ballot Initiative Seeking To Ban Abortion Later In Pregnancy

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["Coloradans voted down an extreme anti-abortion ballot measure that would ban abortion after 22 weeks, The Associated Press projected on Tuesday night. The ballot initiative, Proposition 115, would have threatened p...

Colorado Throws Itself To The Wolves

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["DENVER ― My, Colorado, what adventurous ballot measures you have! The better to reintroduce wolves with, my dear. Colorado voters are expected to pass Proposition 114, directing the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Comm...