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Here’s Where The Term ‘Lame DuckComes From

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[]["Tasos Katopodis via Getty ImagesAfter losing to Joe Biden, Donald Trump is considered a \"lame duck\" president.Following the election of former Vice President Joe Biden, President Donald Trump is in the “lame duc...

Samantha Bee’s Election Celebration Comes With A Sobering Warning

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["Samantha Bee celebrated President Donald Trump’s election defeat on Wednesday’s episode of “Full Frontal.” But the late night host also had a warning: “Trump will still exist and so will the base he fired up.” Bee d...

Dan Rather Comes Up With Biting New Way To Explain Electoral Process To Donald Trump

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["Veteran journalist Dan Rather on Friday put the electoral process into words that President Donald Trump may be able to understand. With Trump promoting conspiracy theories about mass voter fraud and baselessly accu...