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Jill Biden To Push For Debt-Free Community College As First Lady

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["WASHINGTON — Dr. Jill Biden has devoted her life to the field of education, and that won’t change when she becomes first lady next month. According to a source close to her, Biden will advocate for debt-free communi...

1 Killed, More Than 100 Displaced By Wildfire In Remote California Community

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["LOS ANGELES (AP) — A week before Thanksgiving, più di 100 residents were displaced Thursday by a wind-whipped wildfire that ravaged a remote mountain community in California and killed one person, authorities sai...

International Community Anxiously Awaits U.S. Election Results As Trump Spreads Lies

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["The international community is locked in a tense holding pattern as the world awaits the final outcome of a contested U.S. election with profound global consequences. Neither Joe Biden nor Donald Trump is yet projec...