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Conservative Supreme Court Justices Seem To Be Itching To Steal The Election For Trump

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["Die VSA. Supreme Court issued two 5-3 decisions Tuesday evening, declining to stop a Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruling and a North Carolina Board of Elections order that both extended the deadlines for mail-in ballo...

Conservative Pundit S.E. Cupp Warns: Don’t Write Off Donald Trump Yet

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["Conservative CNN commentator S.E. Cupp on Thursday cautioned against writing off President Donald Trump’s chances in the 2020 verkiesing. The “Unfiltered” host, a longtime critic of the president, said positive pollin...

Conservative Columnist Issues Ominous Warning About 4 More Years Of Donald Trump

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["Conservative columnist Max Boot on Monday begged Americans not to let Donald Trump’s presidency “define the United States for future generations.” “Electing Trump once can be written off as an aberration; electing h...

Konserwatiewe Washington Times het Trump Campaign Aide se letterlike vals nuus afgesluit

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["'n Topassistent vir president Donald Trump se veldtog het Sondag probeer om media-afsetpunte te spot omdat hulle die Demokraat Joe Biden as die wenner van die verkiesing uitbeeld deur 'n foto van 'n Washington Times-opskrif te twiet van 2000...

Senate Likely To Confirm Amy Coney Barrett To Supreme Court, Cementing Conservative Majority

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["ASSOCIATED PRESS Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett meets with Sen. Martha McSally, R-Ariz., not pictured, Wednesday, Oct. 21, 2020, on Capitol Hill in Washington. (Jim Lo Scalzo/Pool via AP) WASHINGTON (Reuter...

Konserwatiewe Pundit-vrese is nou 'gevaarlikste'’ Deel van Donald Trump se presidentskap

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["Charlie Sykes, die stigter van die konserwatiewe webwerf The Bulwark, Amerikaners het Woensdag gewaarsku om nou meer as ooit op Donald Trump gefokus te bly, aangesien dit eintlik die “gevaarlikste” deel van sy presidentskap kan wees..

Konserwatiewe Pundit reik ernstige waarskuwing uit oor Trump se 'More Deranged And Delude'-aanhangers

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["Die konserwatiewe kenner Charlie Sykes het Maandag gewaarsku wat om te verwag van Donald Trump se vurigste ondersteuners toe hulle uiteindelik besef dat hy nie gaan voortgaan as president nie.. Sykes het aan Nicolle Wallac van MSNBC gesê..

Conservative Columnist Says There’s Only One Way To Save The GOP

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["The Republican Party can now only be saved in one extreme way, conservative columnist Max Boot argued in his new op-ed for The Washington Post. And that is by completely destroying it to remove any vestige of Presid...

Konserwatiewe rubriekskrywer waarsku teen Donald Trump se koue nalatenskap vir die GOP

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["Max Boot, 'n konserwatiewe rubriekskrywer vir The Washington Post, in sy jongste opinie Maandag gewaarsku oor wat hy vrees president Donald Trump se nalatenskap vir die GOP sal wees. Boot het geskryf oor sy hoop dat Trump se "verregaande" bi ...

Nicolle Wallace Slams Conservative Columnist’s ‘BitchyTake On Kamala Harris

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["MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace isn’t having any of conservative columnist Peggy Noonan’s sexist criticism of Democratic vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris. In a controversial article published over the weekend, Die ...

Conservative News Site Warns Donald Trump: ‘Concede And Move On

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["The Washington Examiner urged President Donald Trump to “move on” and accept defeat in the 2020 election in an editorial published Friday. The conservative news outlet warned that, otherwise, Trump’s ongoing attempt...

Donald Trump Gave The Conservative Legal Movement Everything They Ever Wanted

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["In 2016, Die meerderheidsleier van die Senaat, Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) made a cynical gambit: Instead of allowing President Barack Obama to fill a seat left open on the Supreme Court by Justice Antonin Scalia’s death, he refused t...

Conservative Columnist Laments Closeness Of Election: Trumpism Is Hardly Repudiated

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["Conservative columnist Max Boot lamented the nail-biting nature of the 2020 election in his latest op-ed for The Washington Post, writing “this wasn’t the blue wave election that I wanted or the nation needed.” “It ...