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Conservative Columnist Laments Closeness Of Election: Trumpism Is Hardly Repudiated

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["Conservative columnist Max Boot lamented the nail-biting nature of the 2020 election in his latest op-ed for The Washington Post, writing “this wasn’t the blue wave election that I wanted or the nation needed.” “It ...


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["在 2016, 参议院多数党领袖米奇麦康奈尔 (R-Ky。) 做了一个愤世嫉俗的策略: 而不是允许巴拉克奥巴马总统填补最高法院大法官安东宁斯卡利亚去世留下的席位, he refused t...

保守新闻网站警告唐纳德特朗普: '承认并继续前进’

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["华盛顿审查员敦促唐纳德特朗普总统“继续前进”并接受失败 2020 周五发表的社论中的选举. 保守派新闻媒体警告说, 除此以外, 特朗普的持续尝试....

Nicolle Wallace Slams Conservative Columnist’s ‘BitchyTake On Kamala Harris

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["MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace isn’t having any of conservative columnist Peggy Noonan’s sexist criticism of Democratic vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris. In a controversial article published over the weekend, 这 ...

Conservative Columnist Warns Of Donald Trump’s Chilling Legacy For The GOP

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["Max Boot, a conservative columnist for The Washington Post, in his latest op-ed Monday warned of what he fears will be President Donald Trump’s legacy for the GOP. Boot wrote of his hope that Trump’s “outrageous” bi...


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["保守派专家查理赛克斯周一警告唐纳德特朗普最热心的支持者,当他们最终意识到他不会继续担任总统时,他们会期待什么. Sykes 告诉 MSNBC 的 Nicolle Wallac。.

Conservative Columnist Says There’s Only One Way To Save The GOP

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["The Republican Party can now only be saved in one extreme way, conservative columnist Max Boot argued in his new op-ed for The Washington Post. And that is by completely destroying it to remove any vestige of Presid...

保守派专家现在的恐惧是“最危险的”’ 唐纳德特朗普总统任期的一部分

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["查理赛克斯, 保守派网站 The Bulwark 的创始人, 周三警告美国人现在比以往任何时候都更加关注唐纳德特朗普,因为这实际上可能是他总统任期内“最危险”的部分。.

Senate Likely To Confirm Amy Coney Barrett To Supreme Court, Cementing Conservative Majority

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["ASSOCIATED PRESS Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett meets with Sen. Martha McSally, R-Ariz., not pictured, 周三, Oct. 21, 2020, on Capitol Hill in Washington. (Jim Lo Scalzo/Pool via AP) 华盛顿 (Reuter...

Conservative Washington Times Shuts Down Trump Campaign Aide’s Literal Fake News

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["A top aide for President Donald Trump’s campaign on Sunday attempted to mock media outlets for projecting Democrat Joe Biden as the winner of the election by tweeting a photo of a Washington Times headline from 2000...

保守的专栏作家发出不祥的警告 4 唐纳德·特朗普的更多年

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["保守党专栏作家马克斯·博特(Max Boot)周一恳求美国人不要让唐纳德·特朗普(Donald Trump)担任总统“为后代定义美国”。 “,选举特朗普一次可以注销作为像差; 选h ...

Conservative Pundit S.E. Cupp Warns: Don’t Write Off Donald Trump Yet

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["Conservative CNN commentator S.E. Cupp on Thursday cautioned against writing off President Donald Trump’s chances in the 2020 选举. The “Unfiltered” host, a longtime critic of the president, said positive pollin...

Conservative Supreme Court Justices Seem To Be Itching To Steal The Election For Trump

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["美国. Supreme Court issued two 5-3 decisions Tuesday evening, declining to stop a Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruling and a North Carolina Board of Elections order that both extended the deadlines for mail-in ballo...