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As COVID-19 Continues, Classroom Learning Gaps Between Haves And Haves-Nots Are Getting Wider

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["As soon as schools reopened in September, it was apparent that the gaps in her son’s classroom between the haves and the have-nots had grown, says parent Amina Scott. Scott suspects that some kids had access to enri...

Strict New Limits Imposed Coast To Coast In U.S. As COVID-19 Surge Continues

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["(Reuters) - The city of Philadelphia and several large U.S. states on Monday announced strict new limits on social gatherings and commercial activity to tamp down a coronavirus surge threatening to overwhelm healthc...

As Trump Continues To Lie About The Election, Twitter Is Pulling Its Punches

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["In the nine days since Donald Trump was projected to lose the presidential election, he has insisted — repeatedly and without evidence — that the vote was rigged against him. “The Radical Left Democrats, working wit...