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Anderson Cooper Delivers Lengthy Takedown Of Donald Trump’s Latest ‘Con

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["Donald Trump’s latest “con” was placed under the microscope by Anderson Cooper on Tuesday, with the CNN host breaking down the president’s bid to raise money from supporters off the back of his election defeat. Coop...

Anderson Cooper Sums Up Donald Trump’s Post-Election Chaos With 1 Searing Word

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["The chyron on Anderson Cooper’s CNN show Thursday said it all. “PATHETIC,” it read ― a one-word summary of President Donald Trump’s ongoing — and increasingly petty and unhinged — attempts to steal the election that...

Die komediant Sarah Cooper skeef skreeusnaaks uit vir Trump Camp se absurde stembriefuitdagings

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["Die gewilde TikTok-komediant Sarah Cooper het haar Maandag in haar jongste video as 'n prokureur vir Donald Trump-veldtog voorgedoen, drie Demokratiese stemme vir die verkose president Joe Biden uitdaag omdat hulle "sjokoladesous" op t..

Anderson Cooper Spotlights ‘What Really Matters’ Right Now In Emotional Monologue

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["Anderson Cooper on Friday delivered an emotional monologue about “what really matters” right now. And it isn’t President Donald Trump’s tantrums and refusal to acknowledge defeat in the 2020 verkiesing, argued the CNN...

Anderson Cooper: Kayleigh McEnany Just Took Us ‘Completely Through The Looking Glass’

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["CNN’s Anderson Cooper on Thursday ripped White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany for “taking us completely through the looking glass and to a galaxy far far away” with her response to a simple question on Fox N...

Sarah Cooper Shares The Big Fear About Her Lip-Syncing Videos Had Donald Trump Won

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["Sarah Cooper on Monday revealed her big fear about what would have become of her mocking lip-syncing videos of Donald Trump had the president won re-election. Cooper, talking with “Late Night” host Seth Meyers, said...

Anderson Cooper Stuns Viewers With Brutal Take On Trump’s Latest Election Remarks

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["CNN’s Anderson Cooper shocked viewers on Thursday with a particularly vicious take after President Donald Trump railed against the legitimacy of the democratic process, spread conspiracy theories and claimed victory...

Sarah Cooper Thinks Trump Has Seen Her Viral Riffs Despite What He Says

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["President Donald Trump claimed over the summer that he hadn’t seen any of the viral videos in which Sarah Cooper lip-syncs to his voice, but the comedian isn’t buying it. “I think he’s definitely seen them, and I t...

Sarah Cooper Jokingly Calls Out Stephen Colbert For Creating Trump

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["Stephen Colbert ran so Donald Trump could walk ... (somewhat awkwardly down ramps). On “The Late Show” Tuesday, comedian and Trump lip-syncer Sarah Cooper joined Colbert to talk about her new Netflix special, “Every...

Sarah Cooper Mocks Donald Trump Jr. In New Viral Impression Video

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["Sarah Cooper has turned her biting impressions on another member of the Trump family. The comedian’s Monday lip-syncing of Donald Trump Jr. alleging censorship on Instagram has gone as viral as her previous clips mi...