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Shawn Mendes Watches James Corden Hound Him And Camila Cabello In 2015

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["James Corden sprung a throwback clip on “Late Late Show” guest Shawn Mendes on Monday, and the singer had feelings about it. (Watch it below.) The video shows Corden grilling Mendes and Camila Cabello in 2015 about ...

James Corden Savagely Rewrites Headlines For Fox News

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["While Fox News recently drew the ire of Donald Trump for calling Joe Biden’s election victory, the right-wing channel has generally been friendly territory for the lame-duck president and other conservatives. “The L...

James Corden Roasts Eric Trump For Telling People To Vote 1 Week Too Late

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["Maybe it’s starting to make sense why President Donald Trump isn’t conceding the 2020 选举. His family seems to think it’s still going on. On Tuesday, Eric Trump’s Twitter account sent out a message telling Minn...

James Corden Explains Why Trump’s Four Seasons Fail Couldn’t Be Funnier

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["President Donald Trump’s team had mulch to talk about at a news conference on Saturday. As Joe Biden was being projected as the winner of the presidential election, Trump announced a “big” press conference at the “...

James Corden Zings Nevada For Taking So Long To Count Votes

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["Nevada election official Joe Gloria said “mail-in ballots on this scale are new” to the state ― and it’s showing. Nevada, with a relatively small population, still has tens of thousands of ballots to count, accordin...

James Corden Recaps The Donald Trump Era And It’s Quite The Ride

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["James Corden crammed all the scandals and controversies of Donald Trump’s presidency into a breathless three-minute segment on Monday’s broadcast of “The Late Late Show.” Corden refreshed viewers of the “very very v...

James Corden Spots Donald Trump’s Big Pumpkin Problem

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["James Corden pointed out the problem with President Donald Trump’s pumpkin-signing technique. Trump autographed a pumpkin while campaigning at an orchard in Maine on Sunday. Corden on Monday first wanted to know why...