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We Couldn’t Afford To Have Another Baby. Here’s Why We Did It Anyway.

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["Brian Jones The author wanted a big family but put it on hold to The morning I walked into my obstetrician’s office to confirm my pregnancy, my bank account was overdrawn by more than $900. Anxiety coursed through ...

I Couldn’t Fulfill My Boyfriend’s Fetish, So We Opened Our Relationship

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["Younes Kraske via Getty Images \"I wanted my partner to feel sexually liberated and liked the idea of sampling someone else’s desire for me. But I first had to surmount the gnawing belief that I wasn’t enough for my...

데이터는 미국인들이 추수감사절 여행을 거부할 수 없음을 보여줍니다

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["수 폴스, SD. (AP) — 미국인들은 추수감사절을 위해 모이고 싶은 충동을 참을 수 없었습니다., 운전한지 1년도 채 안되었고 공중보건 전문가의 간청을 대체로 무시함, 누가 그들에게 호를 잊으라고 간청했는지...