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A Certain Vampire From Sesame Street Trends As Trump Screams ‘STOP THE COUNT!’

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["“STOP THE COUNT!” President Donald Trump tweeted Thursday, demanding — in a frenzied bid to retain his presidency — that ballots be dismissed in battleground states such as Pennsylvania and Michigan, which are still...

‘Count Every VoteProtesters March In Philadelphia As Trump Falsely Claims Victory

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["Spencer Platt via Getty Images People participate in a protest in support of counting all votes as the election in Pennsylvania is still unresolved on Nov. 4, 2020, in Philadelphia. PHILADELPHIA — Hundreds of peopl...

Just 23 Hilarious Jokes About Nevada’s Excruciatingly Slow Ballot Count

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["Nevada could be Joe Biden’s ace in the hole. But unfortunately, it’s taking the Silver State an awful lot of time to count all of its ballots for the 2020 presidential election — causing many to, well, do a variety ...

이 친절 달력으로 크리스마스까지 카운트 다운

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[]["노숙자나 외로운 사람을 위한 선물 만들기, 다른 사람이 찾을 수 있도록 긍정적인 메시지를 남겨주세요, 눈에 띄지 않을 수 있는 업적에 대해 누군가에게 축하를 전하세요. 이것은 단지 멋진 제안 중 일부일 뿐입니다..

Jordan Klepper Exposes The Real Problem In Trump’s MAGA World: They Can’t Count

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["Turns out Jordan Klepper wasn’t done trolling President Donald Trump’s fans yet. Klepper, who had been attending Trump’s campaign rallies for “The Daily Show,” hit last weekend’s Million MAGA March and found that t...