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Barack Obama는 그의 새 책에서 Lindsey Graham에 대한 지독한 묘사를했습니다.

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["버락 오바마 전 대통령의 새 책, “약속의 땅,” 다음 주 출시 예정, 그러나 초기 리뷰는 이미 나와 있으며 그의 정치적 경쟁자에 대한 놀라운 설명을 인용합니다.. 뉴와이에 따르면...

John Oliver Delivers Damning Indictment Of Trump Just Hours Before Election

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["John Oliver can’t believe there are still voters willing to give President Donald Trump the benefit of the doubt about his handling of the coronavirus pandemic despite the United States having the most cases and mos...

‘The Daily ShowTaunts Lindsey Graham With A Damning Supercut Of His Own Words

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["그것의. 린지 그레이엄 (R-S.C.) has become one of President Donald Trump’s biggest defenders in the Senate. But that wasn’t always the case. On Thursday, “The Daily Show” turned a 2016 interview with Graham into a supe...

Damning Supercut Exposes One Of Donald Trump’s Favorite COVID-19 Lies

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["President Donald Trump likes to falsely claim the United States is turning or “rounding the corner” on the coronavirus pandemic. A lot. 그래서, on Friday, “The Daily Show with Trevor Noah” released a montage of the pres...