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Lincoln Project Warns That Republicans In Trump’s Shadow Are More Dangerous

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["You think lame duck President Donald Trump is bad? The Lincoln Project says in a new ad that Republicans standing behind him are perhaps even more dangerous. (Watch it below.) In a video posted Sunday by the never-T...

Donald Trump’s Effort To Steal The Election Is Comically Stupid — And Extremely Dangerous

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["Donald Trump is no stranger to comically stupid scandals. He was impeached for an open attempt to illegally leverage congressionally approved military aid so a newly elected Ukrainian president would investigate riv...

Fox News Is Pushing Dangerous Propaganda About Election Theft

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["As the Republican Party seeks to delegitimize President-elect Joe Biden’s victory, Fox News hosts are acting as eager accomplices in spreading false claims of voter fraud and lending their immense platforms to consp...

Republicans Split On Trump’s Dangerous Election Lies

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["Republican reaction to President Donald Trump’s incendiary lies about voter fraud and the “stolen” 2020 presidential election ranged, with some elected GOP officials echoing the baseless claims and others denouncing...