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Judge Delays Execution Of Only Woman On Federal Death Row

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["Handout/Reuters Lawyers for Lisa M. Montgomery — the only woman on federal death row — have not been able to prepare her clemency application because they are sick with COVID-19. A federal judge has temporarily stay...

FedEx, UPS Prepare For Holiday Shopping Surge And Potential Delivery Delays

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[]["NEW YORK (AP) — Retailers and carriers are preparing for an online holiday shopping surge that could tax shipping networks and lead to delivery delays.FedEx and UPS are ramping up their holiday hiring while expand...

Deliberate Vote Counting Delays By GOP Legislatures Have Destabilized Election Week

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["Democrat Joe Biden is winning the presidential popular vote by more than 3.9 million votes and is on his way to being the first candidate to defeat an incumbent president in 28 years ― and only third in the last 100...