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Democrats Voice Concerns With Joe Biden’s Pick To Lead Pentagon

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["Retired Gen. Lloyd Austin, who is expected to be President-elect Joe Biden’s nominee for secretary of defense, is drawing opposition from some Democratic senators because he’s only been retired from active duty for ...

Biden Backs DemocratsPursuit Of Bigger COVID-19 Relief Deal

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["A spokesman for Joe Biden’s presidential transition denied Monday that the president-elect or his team is pushing congressional Democrats for a quicker but potentially smaller economic stimulus package in negotiatio...

Why ‘Defund The PoliceAttacks Were So Potent Against Democrats

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["John Nacion/Getty Images A protester in New York City wears a face mask calling to \"Defund Police.\" The activist cry is now the subject of fierce debate among Democrats. This time, Emily Skopov thought she had a g...

Democrats Question Decision To Give Up Canvassing During Election

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["JIM WATSON/Getty Images President-elect Joe Biden gestures speaks at a drive-in rally in Pittsburgh on the eve of Election Day. He was more cautious about in-person campaigning than President Donald Trump. A number ...

Georgia Democrats To The Resistance: Please Don’t Come Here For Senate Runoffs

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["Brynn Anderson/Associated Press Democrats Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff are competing in Jan. 5 runoff elections that will determine control of the Senate. Georgia Democrats appreciate the enthusiasm. They really d...

Sean Hannity’s Rant At ‘Hypocritical DemocratsReeks Of Hypocrisy

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["Sean Hannity on Wednesday accused Democrats of caring only about power. Never mind that Joe Biden won the presidency, earning electoral victories in swing states overseen by Republican election officials. Never mind...

Sean Hannity’s Diatribe At Victorious Democrats Turns Into Stunning Self-Own

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["Fox News host and sore loser Sean Hannity continued to push unsubstantiated claims of widespread voter fraud in the presidential election won by Democrat Joe Biden. The diehard Donald Trump disciple told his viewers...

How Democrats’ Senate Dreams Crumbled

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["Maine House Speaker Sara Gideon had led GOP Sen. Susan Collins in polls ― public and private, Republican and Democratic ― for months. Her likely victory over the longtime incumbent was a key building block in Democr...

Arkansas Police Chief Resigns After Calling For ‘Death To All Marxist Democrats

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["The police chief of a small Arkansas town has resigned after writing social media posts calling for “death to all Marxist Democrats” and saying he hoped certain Democratic leaders, including former President Barack ...

Terwyl Demokrate Joe Biden se presidensiële oorwinning verwelkom, GOP bly meestal stil

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["Demokrate het die nuus dat Demokrate Joe Biden en Kamala Harris Saterdag die volgende president en vise-president van die Verenigde State sal wees, met gejubel begroet, wens hulle geluk met hul geskiedkundige oorwinning oor Pr...

Joe Biden’s Slip Among South Texas Hispanics Baffles Democrats

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["AUSTIN, Texas ― It was supposed to be the year that Texas threatened to turn blue. In plaas daarvan, Democrats saw their margin of defeat nearly double from 2.6% in the midterm U.S. Senate race to 5.9% in the presidential ra...

House Democrats Rankled By Surprise Losses

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["Although many of the votes in House races were still being counted Wednesday, one thing was already clear: These were not the results Democrats hoped for or expected. It wasn’t the worst-case scenario. As of Wednesd...

Democrats Retain Control Of The House Of Representatives

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["Although the biggest question of the night remains unanswered, one thing was already clear late Tuesday night: Democrats will hold on to control of the House of Representatives. According to NBC and Fox projections,...

To Beat Mitch McConnell, Democrats Need A Last-Minute Miracle From Amy McGrath

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["ILLUSTRATION: REBECCA ZISSER/HUFFPOST; PHOTOS: GETTY Another battle to defeat Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell in Kentucky is shaping up much like his previous reelection contests: with a relatively easy victo...

Amy Coney Barrett se bevestiging radikaliseer Sentristiese Demokrate

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["Die GOP se haas om 'n vakature van die Hooggeregshof dae voor die verkiesing te vul en hul paaiement van honderde konserwatiewe regters regoor die federale regbank die afgelope paar jaar verander vinnig die houdings van rang..