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Trump’s Touted ‘Coronavirus DrugLinked To Psychiatric Disorders

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["A drug repeatedly and erroneously pushed by President Donald Trump earlier this year as a positive treatment for coronavirus has been linked to psychiatric disorders. Chloroquine and a related compound, hydroxychlor...

‘Let’s Eat TogetherVideos On TikTok Help Teens Struggling With Eating Disorders

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[]["Sara Sadok/TikTokIn her “Let’s Eat Together” video series, Sara Sadok invites those who may be struggling with an eating disorder to have a meal with her virtually.Sara Sadok, an 18-year-old from the Chicago area,...

New Study Shows COVID-19 May Also Lead To Mental Health Disorders

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[]["COVID-19 already has been linked to an assortment of alarming long-term physical health effects, and now a new study illuminates what the virus can also do to a person’s brain.A report in the medical journal The L...