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James Corden Spots Donald Trump’s Big Pumpkin Problem

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["James Corden pointed out the problem with President Donald Trump’s pumpkin-signing technique. Trump autographed a pumpkin while campaigning at an orchard in Maine on Sunday. Corden on Monday first wanted to know why...

London Wax Museum Refits Donald Trump Figure In Golf Attire Following Election Loss

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["A London wax museum wasted no time in giving its figure of President Donald Trump a more leisurely makeover after the U.S. presidential election last week. Madame Tussauds London unveiled its Trump figure, now redr...

The Killers Turn Grammy Nomination Snub Into Donald Trump-Trolling Gold

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["Rock band The Killers responded to being snubbed for Grammy Awards nominations with a tweet that mocked President Donald Trump’s failing attempts to steal the 2020 verkiesing. After missing out on a nomination for six...

Stunning Supercut Exposes Donald Trump Campaign’s Whitewashing On LGBTQ Issues

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["President Donald Trump’s record of rolling back LGBTQ+ rights is the focus of a new supercut that has gone viral and been seen more than 2 million times. First lady Melania Trump and Tiffany Trump, the president’s d...

Donald Trump Throws One Hell Of An Inauguration Day Tantrum In ‘Photoshop Battle

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["President Donald Trump clings desperately to power ― and throws one hell of a tantrum on President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration day ― in a “Photoshop Battle” that broke out on Reddit this week. Redditors reworked ...

Donald Trump kan net nie ophou verloor in die bedrieglike 'Groundhog Day'-styl sleepwa nie

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["President Donald Trump kan net nie ophou om syne te herleef nie 2020 verkiesingsverlies in 'n bedrieglike flieksleepprent wat deur "The Daily Show with Trevor Noah" vrygestel is. Die spottende snit ― getiteld “Verkiesingsdag” ― is gebaseer op die 1993 film “Gr ...

CNN Fact-Checker Rips Apart Donald Trump’s ‘Bombardment Of DishonestyIn Final Debate

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["CNN’s fact-checking reporter Daniel Dale on Thursday called out President Donald Trump’s “bombardment of dishonesty” during his second and final presidential debate with Democratic nominee Joe Biden. Trump was “bett...

When You Talk About Donald Trump’s Body, Every Fat Person You Know Hears You

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["AP Photo/Evan Vucci President Donald Trump arrives to speak at the White House, Nov. 5, in Washington. Dear Anderson, On Thursday night, you referred to President Donald Trump as an “obese turtle,” which rapidly tu...

Anderson Cooper Sums Up Donald Trump’s Post-Election Chaos With 1 Searing Word

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["The chyron on Anderson Cooper’s CNN show Thursday said it all. “PATHETIC,” it read ― a one-word summary of President Donald Trump’s ongoing — and increasingly petty and unhinged — attempts to steal the election that...

20 Republican Former U.S. Attorneys Condemn Donald Trump, Back Joe Biden

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["Twenty former U.S. attorneys ― all appointed by GOP presidents ― gave 2020 Democratic nominee Joe Biden their “strongest endorsement” in an open letter slamming President Donald Trump’s politicization of the Justice...

Donald Trump Mercilessly Fires Himself In Jimmy Fallon ‘Apprentice’ Mashup

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["Jimmy Fallon on Monday suggested the White House had finally found the perfect person to tell President Donald Trump to concede the 2020 verkiesing. And that person was... the outgoing president himself. “The Tonight ...

Stephen Colbert verander Donald Trump se Turkye-begenadiging in verkiesingsbraai

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[""Late Show" gasheer Stephen Colbert het Dinsdag 'n monoloog bykos gemaak van president Donald Trump wat 'n kalkoen begenadig het. (Kyk die snit hieronder.) Die komediant het 'n snit gewys van die president wat die jaarlikse Withuis lei..

Barack Obama, Joe Biden Use A Key Page From Their Pandemic Playbook To Bash Donald Trump

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["Former President Barack Obama and former Vice President Joe Biden in a new video used a key page from their old pandemic playbook to call out President Donald Trump’s catastrophic response to the coronavirus crisis....

Thousands Rally In D.C. For Election Loser Donald Trump

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["Thousands of demonstrators swarmed Washington, D.C., on Saturday in a show of support for President Donald Trump, whose loss to President-elect Joe Biden was determined exactly one week ago. The “Million MAGA March”...

Lou Holtz noem Donald Trump 'Grootste president gedurende my leeftyd’

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["Mense op sosiale media wou spot, bespotting vir ou Notre Dame-afrigter Lou Holtz. Hy het president Donald Trump “die grootste president gedurende my leeftyd” genoem terwyl hy die Presidensiële Medalje van Vryheid by t..

‘The Daily ShowBegins Counting Down 100 Of Donald Trump’s Most Tremendous Scandals

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["“The Daily Show with Trevor Noah” is counting down the “most tremendous” scandals of Donald Trump’s presidency. On Thursday, the Comedy Central program's correspondent Roy Wood Jr. launched the first of four segment...