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Donald Trump’s Lawyer Slammed Him As An ‘IdiotIn Unearthed Facebook Posts, Interviews

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["Jenna Ellis, a senior legal adviser to Donald Trump, now appears on TV to staunchly defend the president’s desperate attempts to steal the 2020 verkiesing. But in a series of Facebook posts and radio interviews from 2...

Donald Trump Causes A Fuss Over Upcoming ‘60 Minutes’ Interview

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["President Donald Trump caused a fuss on Tuesday about his upcoming interview on “60 Minutes,” reportedly leaving the set early and then complaining about it online. Trump and Vice President Mike Pence spent the day ...

James Corden Spots Donald Trump’s Big Pumpkin Problem

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["James Corden pointed out the problem with President Donald Trump’s pumpkin-signing technique. Trump autographed a pumpkin while campaigning at an orchard in Maine on Sunday. Corden on Monday first wanted to know why...

Barack Obama, Joe Biden Use A Key Page From Their Pandemic Playbook To Bash Donald Trump

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["Former President Barack Obama and former Vice President Joe Biden in a new video used a key page from their old pandemic playbook to call out President Donald Trump’s catastrophic response to the coronavirus crisis....

Donald Trump’s Thanksgiving Turkey Pardon Gets Gobbled Up In Hilarious ‘Photoshop Battle’

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["Redditors gobbled up President Donald Trump’s pardoning of a turkey in the annual White House Thanksgiving tradition on Tuesday. A “Photoshop Battle” broke out over one particular image of the outgoing president wit...

Politicians Read Mean Tweets And Adam Schiff Hammers Donald Trump In Reply

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["Politicians from both sides of the aisle took part in Jimmy Kimmel’s “Mean Tweets” bit that aired Wednesday night. And after Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Kalifornië.) read an insulting post that President Donald Trump had once wr...

Lou Holtz noem Donald Trump 'Grootste president gedurende my leeftyd’

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["Mense op sosiale media wou spot, bespotting vir ou Notre Dame-afrigter Lou Holtz. Hy het president Donald Trump “die grootste president gedurende my leeftyd” genoem terwyl hy die Presidensiële Medalje van Vryheid by t..

Jimmy Kimmel Has The Perfect Musical Parody To Mock ‘SquatterDonald Trump

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["Jimmy Kimmel on Tuesday used a musical number to mock “squattergate” ― President Donald Trump’s reluctance to leave the White House. Trump appeared to sing “And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going” from “Dreamgirls” in a...

Stephen Colbert Savagely Compares Donald Trump’s Term To Mortifying School Moments

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["Stephen Colbert burned lame-duck President Donald Trump by comparing his presidency to horrifying moments from school. (See the monologue below.) Referring Tuesday to President-elect Joe Biden’s comment that Trump’s...

Amazing Photos Of Celebrations As Joe Biden Defeats Donald Trump

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["Celebrations around the country erupted as news spread that Vice President Joe Biden won the election against President Donald Trump. Photos showed celebrations in Philadelphia, New York, Washington, and other citi...

Jimmy Kimmel Reveals One Way He Hopes To Forget All About Donald Trump’s Presidency

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["Jimmy Kimmel wants to forget the last four years of Donald Trump’s presidency. Dus, on Friday’s episode of “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”, the late-night comedian revealed what he plans to call Trump if he loses the 2020 elect...

Jimmy Kimmel Says A Donald Trump Coup Would Answer An Important Question

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["Jimmy Kimmel ruminated Wednesday on the possibility of President Donald Trump going full despot ― and he came to some funny conclusions. (Watch the monologue below.) A string of Pentagon personnel moves, including T...

RNC na berig word gedaal $300,000 Om Donald Trump Jr. se nuutste boek te koop

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["Die Republikeinse Nasionale Komitee het betaal $300,000 van skenkergeld aan 'n maatskappy wat deur Donald Trump Jr. besit word. kopieë van sy jongste boek te koop, het die Daily Beast Vrydag berig. Dit was die tweede keer dat die GOP 'n skat gestort het..

Sarah Cooper And Helen Mirren Recreate Donald Trump’s Infamous ‘Access HollywoodTape

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["President Donald Trump’s infamous “Access Hollywood” tape gets the Sarah Cooper treatment in a clip from her new Netflix special, “Everything’s Fine.” And the comedian who was catapulted to global fame amid the coro...

Donald Trump Jr. se klaaglied oor 'tirannie' word op hom teruggeslaan

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["Donald Trump Jr.. het op Twitter gekerm oor 'tirannie' in die Verenigde State en baie mense het gedink dat dit ietwat van 'n eie eienaarskap was. Donald Trump se oudste seun het voortgegaan met sy eie pogings om die 2020 verkiesing - ...

Self-Confessed Troll Donald Trump Jr. Shares Fake Video Of His Dad Beating Up Biden

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["Donald Trump Jr.. took time out from cleaning his guns during his coronavirus quarantine to share a spoof video to Instagram of his dad beating up President-elect Joe Biden and prominent Democrats. Outgoing President...