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Arizona GOP vra of ondersteuners bereid is om te sterf vir Trump se verkiesingsbedrogleuens

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["Die Arizona Republikeinse Party het Dinsdag terugslag ontketen nadat hulle 'n paar tweets afgevuur het wat blykbaar president Donald Trump se ondersteuners aanmoedig om hul lewens te gee as deel van 'n poging om die verkiesing omver te werp..

John Oliver Delivers Damning Indictment Of Trump Just Hours Before Election

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["John Oliver can’t believe there are still voters willing to give President Donald Trump the benefit of the doubt about his handling of the coronavirus pandemic despite the United States having the most cases and mos...

‘Stop The Stupid’: GOP Lawmaker Pleads With Trump To Drop Election Lies

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["A Republican House member from Michigan launched his own hashtag trend Sunday, pleading with President Donald Trump to “stop the stupid” and drop his bogus attempts to overturn the election. “Oh my God," Rep. Paul M...

Steve Kornacki Plans To Retire His Iconic Election Night Necktie

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["Die VSA. presidential election may have revealed a harshly divided nation, but Americans on both sides of the political aisle nonetheless had near-unanimous praise for journalist Steve Kornacki and his poll-tracking...

How Do Election Recounts Work? What You Need To Know.

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["Though it looks like Democratic nominee Joe Biden has won, the outcome of the presidential election is so close in several states that recounts are likely to happen. Per the U.S. Constitution, it’s up to states how...

Georgia Senate Special Election: Raphael Warnock, Kelly Loeffler Set For Runoff

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["Brynn Anderson/Associated Press Democrat Raphael Warnock will face Sen. Kelly Loeffler (R-Ga.) in a Jan. 5 runoff election. Sy. Kelly Loeffler (R) and Democrat Raphael Warnock are set to face off in a Jan. 5 runoff...

Trump Stumps In Midwest, Biden In Pennsylvania 2 Days Before Election

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["DUBUQUE, Iowa/PHILADELPHIA (Reuters) - Two days before Election Day, President Donald Trump on Sunday sprinted across U.S. battleground states with appearances in Iowa and Michigan as he seeks to rally past Democrat...

Twitter Users Roast Trump’s 46-Minute Election Fraud Tirade

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["President Donald Trump took to Facebook on Wednesday and spent 46 minutes lying about election fraud. Although Trump’s video recycled a number of already debunked claims suggesting a global conspiracy was behind his...

How To Get Through The Rest Of The Election Without Losing Your Mind

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[]["Feeling a little antsy about how Nov. 3 will play out? Jy is nie alleen nie; the 2020 presidential election is such a nail-biter, therapists say they’ve been hearing clients voice their concerns and worries about the ...

Biden Campaign: Trump Has ‘Harder Hill’ To Climb To Win Election

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["Kevin Lamarque/Reuters Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden holds a megaphone during an Election Day event in his hometown of Scranton, Pennsylvania, on Nov. 3, 2020. President Donald Trump will need to overcom...

Trump Lawyer Says Fired Cybersecurity Chief Should Be ‘ShotFor Defending Election

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["President Donald Trump’s campaign lawyer Joseph diGenova suggested Monday that Chris Krebs, the former chief of U.S. Kuber sekuriteit, should be executed for defending the integrity of the Nov. 3 verkiesing. “Anybody who...

Democrats Question Decision To Give Up Canvassing During Election

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["JIM WATSON/Getty Images President-elect Joe Biden gestures speaks at a drive-in rally in Pittsburgh on the eve of Election Day. He was more cautious about in-person campaigning than President Donald Trump. A number ...

Over 1,000 Faith Leaders Call For A ‘Free And Fair Election

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["WASHINGTON (AP) — More than 1,000 clergy members, religious scholars and other faith-based advocates have signed onto a unique statement that supports a comprehensive path to “a free and fair election” and urges lea...

CNN Fact-Checker Daniel Dale Calls Out Trump’s Strategy To Steal Election

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["Daniel Dale can read the fake news written all over the wall. On Wednesday morning, the CNN fact-checker laid out how he thinks President Donald Trump and his administration have planted the seeds of distrust among ...

Trump erken in die openbaar dat Biden vir die eerste keer gewen het, Gaan voort om 'Rigged' te beweer’ Verkiesing

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["In 'n twiet Sondag, President Donald Trump het voortgegaan om valse bewerings oor die verkiesing te versprei, maar het ook vir die eerste keer in die openbaar erken dat die verkose president Joe Biden die kompetisie gewen het. Trump has repeatedly ― ...

Stephen Colbert Makes Final Election Appeal: Dump ‘Loser’ Trump

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["Stephen Colbert says you gotta do something about your boyfriend, America. Maandag, which happened to be the eve of Election Day, the “Late Show” host remained unusually calm. With the highly divisive presidential...

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