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‘Daily Show’ Spoofs What Binging Fox News’ Election Coverage Does To Your Brain

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["Desi Lydic is binging on Fox News’ election coverage so others don’t have to. “The Daily Show” correspondent pretended to have watched the conservative network for multiple hours in a row in a new spoof released Thu...

‘Stop The Stupid’: GOP Lawmaker Pleads With Trump To Drop Election Lies

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["A Republican House member from Michigan launched his own hashtag trend Sunday, pleading with President Donald Trump to “stop the stupid” and drop his bogus attempts to overturn the election. “Oh my God,” Rep. Paul M...

‘The Daily ShowHighlights The Strange Pattern In Sean Hannity’s Election Coverage

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["If Fox News host Sean Hannity’s attacks on former Vice President Joe Biden sound familiar, that’s because they are. In a montage of clips from the 2016 and current election cycles, “The Daily Show” highlighted the c...

‘And THAT’S That!’ Jamelle Bouie Breaks Down The 2020 elezione

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["ILLUSTRATION: HUFFPOST, PHOTO: JAMELLE BOUIE And that's that The madness surrounding the election just could not keep us away from our listeners this week. We’re back and switching it up this episode for an election...

‘Trump Remains The Leader’: President Brings In $207 Million After Election Day

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["President Donald Trump raised $207.5 million in conjunction with the Republican National Committee in the weeks after Election Day, a mammoth figure that underscores his grip on the GOP even after he lost to Preside...

2020 Presidential Election Is A Nail-biter As Key States Still Counting Votes

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["Il 2020 presidential election was not decided on Election Day. This was a predictable result after the coronavirus pandemic radically changed the way Americans voted and elected officials in key states refused to u...

30 GOP Former Members Of Congress Call On Trump To Accept Election Results

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["Thirty Republican former members of Congress are calling on President Donald Trump to recognize Joe Biden as the winner of the 2020 Elezioni presidenziali, something he refuses to do even as the president-elect’s lea...

Anderson Cooper Stuns Viewers With Brutal Take On Trump’s Latest Election Remarks

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["CNN’s Anderson Cooper shocked viewers on Thursday with a particularly vicious take after President Donald Trump railed against the legitimacy of the democratic process, spread conspiracy theories and claimed victory...

Antsy Voters Can’t Get Enough Of Biden Bashing Trump In Avengers Election Remake

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["Increasingly restless American voters are shaking off the jitters watching a goofy, inspirational remake of “Avengers: Endgame,” the election version. The trending video, made by filmmaker and editor John Handem Pie...

Arizona GOP Asks If Supporters Willing To Die For Trump’s Election Fraud Lies

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["The Arizona Republican Party ignited backlash on Tuesday after firing off a pair of tweets that appeared to encourage President Donald Trump’s supporters to give their lives as part of an effort to overturn the elec...

Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey Appears To Ignore Call From Trump While Certifying Election Result

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["Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey appeared to have ignored a phone call from President Donald Trump or Vice President Mike Pence while he was certifying the state’s election results on Monday. In viral video below, the Republ...

Asteroid On Track To Buzz Earth The Day Before The Presidential Election

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["An asteroid hurtling close to Earth is on course to buzz the globe the day before the U.S. Elezioni presidenziali. According to calculations by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, the refrigerator-size...

Barack Obama perfora le cospirazioni elettorali Biden di Trump con un'analogia calcistica

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["L'ex presidente Barack Obama ha usato un'analogia con il calcio per sfatare i continui tentativi del presidente Donald Trump di rubare il 2020 elezione. Obama ha paragonato le affermazioni infondate di Trump sulla frode elettorale di massa e la sua falsa affermazione..

Barr: No Evidence Of Fraud That’d Change Election Outcome

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["WASHINGTON (AP) — Attorney General William Barr said Tuesday the Justice Department has not uncovered evidence of widespread voter fraud that would change t he outcome of the 2020 Elezioni presidenziali. His comments...

Bernie Sanders’ Accurate Prediction Of Donald Trump’s Election Night Playbook Goes Viral

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["An interview that Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) gave to Jimmy Fallon last month is going viral because of Sanders’ prescient prediction of how President Donald Trump would act on election night. Sanders noted to “The ...

Biden Calls Trump’s Refusal To Accept Election Results ‘An Embarrassment

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["President-elect Joe Biden expressed his dismay at President Donald Trump’s repeated refusal to accept the results of the 2020 election on Tuesday, three days after the race was called in the former vice president’s ...

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