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乔·拜登(Joe Biden)获得总统选举历史上的多数选票

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["尚无明确的获胜者 2020 总统选举, 但是民主党候选人乔·拜登(Joe Biden)通过赢得美国总统候选人获得的最多选票已经创造了历史. 选举. f ...

New Jersey Lawmaker Pushes To Disbar Rudy Giuliani For Deceitful, ‘AbsurdElection Cases

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["ASSOCIATED PRESS New Jersey Democratic Rep. Bill Pascrell has filed a complaint with New York’s attorney disciplinary officials, calling for the disbarment of Rudy Giuliani for “fraud” and “deceit” in his actions at...

Election Updates: Trump Campaign Faces Major Legal Setbacks; Biden Wins Certified

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["President Donald Trump continues to deny that President-elect Joe Biden won the election, more than two weeks after Biden delivered his victory speech. Trump’s legal team, headed by Rudy Giuliani, has suffered sever...

Asteroid On Track To Buzz Earth The Day Before The Presidential Election

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["An asteroid hurtling close to Earth is on course to buzz the globe the day before the U.S. 总统选举. According to calculations by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, the refrigerator-size...

Fox News Cuts Away From Trump Campaign’s Election Misinformation: ‘Not So Fast’

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["Fox News anchor Neil Cavuto cut away from footage of a press conference held by the Trump campaign Monday, saying, “Whoa, whoa, whoa,” as White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany spread misinformation about the ...

Philadelphia Election Official Says Office Receiving Death Threats: ‘Very Deranged

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["Philadelphia City Commissioner Al Schmidt, a Republican who is one of three officials running the city’s elections, said his office has received death threats during the vote-counting process. “From the inside looki...

乔治亚州政府. Pushes Back Against Trump’s Last-Ditch Attempts To Subvert Election

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["乔治亚州政府. 布赖恩坎普 (电阻), once a close ally of President Donald Trump, has reportedly pushed back against Trump’s last-ditch attempts to interfere in the state’s presidential election results. During a phone call...

‘The Daily ShowHighlights The Strange Pattern In Sean Hannity’s Election Coverage

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["If Fox News host Sean Hannity’s attacks on former Vice President Joe Biden sound familiar, that’s because they are. In a montage of clips from the 2016 and current election cycles, “The Daily Show” highlighted the c...


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["美国. 他因不知疲倦的投票报道而迅速成名。, 但是,政治走道两边的美国人几乎一致赞扬记者史蒂夫·科纳基(Steve Kornacki)和他的民意调查。.

Trump Adviser Baselessly Claims Democrats Will Try To ‘Steal’ 选举

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["A senior adviser to President Donald Trump’s reelection campaign said he expects Trump will secure far more electoral votes on Election Day but that Democrats will try to “steal” his reelection in the days after. Hi...

Cardi B Goes Viral For Her Election Night Stress Reducer

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["Cardi B wasn’t rapping during election night on Tuesday. She was smoking. The “WAP” hip-hop star posted an Instagram video of her puffing on three cigarettes at once. The video quickly racked up more than 10 million...

This Might Be The Democratic Party’s Costliest Election Loss

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["Ten years ago, Republicans redrew congressional and state legislative districts overwhelmingly to their advantage, tilting the playing field by making it harder for Democrats to win and hold control of both statehou...

官方的: Pennsylvania Ballot Count To Take ‘DaysAfter Election

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["Pennsylvania’s top election official predicted Sunday that it will be “days” after Election Day until all ballots in the swing state are counted. 同时, President Donald Trump reportedly plans to declare victory...

London Wax Museum Refits Donald Trump Figure In Golf Attire Following Election Loss

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["A London wax museum wasted no time in giving its figure of President Donald Trump a more leisurely makeover after the U.S. presidential election last week. Madame Tussauds London unveiled its Trump figure, now redr...

Fox News Anchor Thoroughly Debunks Trump’s Election Fraud Claims

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["Fox News anchor Eric Shawn on Sunday debunked claims of widespread electoral fraud pushed by President Donald Trump and some of his allies at the network, calling them an insult to the thousands of election official...

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