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Donald Trump Jr.. Mocked For Urging Dad To Declare ‘Total WarOver Election

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["Donald Trump Jr.. is not happy with how the election vote count is going and expects his dad to do something about it. Op Donderdag, the president’s eldest son posted a tweet demanding that his pop “go to total war ov...

Steve Kornacki Plans To Retire His Iconic Election Night Necktie

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["Die VSA. presidential election may have revealed a harshly divided nation, but Americans on both sides of the political aisle nonetheless had near-unanimous praise for journalist Steve Kornacki and his poll-tracking...

Trump Lawyer Says Fired Cybersecurity Chief Should Be ‘ShotFor Defending Election

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["President Donald Trump’s campaign lawyer Joseph diGenova suggested Monday that Chris Krebs, the former chief of U.S. Kuber sekuriteit, should be executed for defending the integrity of the Nov. 3 verkiesing. “Anybody who...

Biden Campaign: Trump Has ‘Harder Hill’ To Climb To Win Election

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["Kevin Lamarque/Reuters Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden holds a megaphone during an Election Day event in his hometown of Scranton, Pennsylvania, on Nov. 3, 2020. President Donald Trump will need to overcom...

Jake Tapper Calls Election ‘RantingsBy Trump’s ‘SpawnSomething From An Acid Trip

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["CNN’s fed-up host Jake Tapper let loose on Donald Trump’s adult sons and their blatant disinformation about the election, saying the “crayoned ravings” of the president’s “spawn” sound like something from an acid tr...

Trump erken in die openbaar dat Biden vir die eerste keer gewen het, Gaan voort om 'Rigged' te beweer’ Verkiesing

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["In 'n twiet Sondag, President Donald Trump het voortgegaan om valse bewerings oor die verkiesing te versprei, maar het ook vir die eerste keer in die openbaar erken dat die verkose president Joe Biden die kompetisie gewen het. Trump has repeatedly ― ...

Trump Cybersecurity-amptenaar afgedank ontken president se verkiesingleuens, Een vir een

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[""The Late Show" gasheer Stephen Colbert het Donderdag vir Chris Krebs gevra, die afgedankte voormalige hoof van U.S. Kuber sekuriteit, om president Donald Trump se jongste rondte van disinformasie oor bedrog in die feite na te gaan 2020 verkiesing...

Mitch McConnell Warns White House Not To Accept Stimulus Deal Before Election

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["WASHINGTON ― With House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Kalifornië.) once again extending a self-imposed deadline for a stimulus bill on Tuesday, an already doubtful deal is now running into a new roadblock: Senate Majority Lead...

Trump Allies Are Pushing #SharpieGate Conspiracy Theory To Claim Election Theft

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["Allies of President Donald Trump are promoting a baseless conspiracy theory that poll workers tricked Trump voters by providing them with Sharpies to cast their votes, and then rejected the ballots due to the use of...

Georgia GOP Senators Hurl False Fraud Allegations At Republican Election Chief

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["Georgia Republican Sens. David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler endorsed false allegations of voter fraud and unfair elections in a joint letter calling on Republican Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger to immediately re...

New Jersey Lawmaker Pushes To Disbar Rudy Giuliani For Deceitful, ‘AbsurdElection Cases

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["ASSOCIATED PRESS New Jersey Democratic Rep. Bill Pascrell has filed a complaint with New York’s attorney disciplinary officials, calling for the disbarment of Rudy Giuliani for “fraud” and “deceit” in his actions at...

Trump Adviser Baselessly Claims Democrats Will Try To ‘Steal’ Verkiesing

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["A senior adviser to President Donald Trump’s reelection campaign said he expects Trump will secure far more electoral votes on Election Day but that Democrats will try to “steal” his reelection in the days after. Hi...

Trump Lies About Winning Election, Baselessly Accuses Democrats Of Cheating

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["As his Democratic rival Joe Biden continued to gain ground in ballot counting Thursday in key states, President Donald Trump against cast doubt on the legitimacy of the election, peddling conspiracy theories about f...

CNN Supercut Exposes Election Hypocrisy Of Donald Trump’s Biggest Sycophants

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["The hypocrisy of President Donald Trump’s biggest sycophants is on full display in a supercut that CNN’s Chris Cuomo aired on Wednesday night. The montage featured footage of prominent Republicans who mocked Democra...

Barack Obama steek Trump se Biden-verkiesingssameswerings deur met 'n sokkeranalogie

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["Voormalige president Barack Obama het 'n sokker-analogie gebruik om president Donald Trump se voortdurende pogings om die 2020 verkiesing. Obama het Trump se ongegronde bewerings van massakiesersbedrog en sy valse bewering vergelyk..

Georgia Senate Special Election: Raphael Warnock, Kelly Loeffler Set For Runoff

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["Brynn Anderson/Associated Press Democrat Raphael Warnock will face Sen. Kelly Loeffler (R-Ga.) in a Jan. 5 runoff election. Sy. Kelly Loeffler (R) and Democrat Raphael Warnock are set to face off in a Jan. 5 runoff...