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Ex-Trump Lawyer Sidney Powell Urges Georgia Voters To Boycott Runoff Elections

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["Sidney Powell, a former lawyer for the Trump campaign, told Georgia residents this week to boycott the Senate runoffs on Jan. 5 because their state’s voting machines are archaic and cannot be trusted. Powell, who h...

Georgia Elections Official Pleads With Trump To Stop Inspiring Violence

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["Georgia’s voting systems manager Gabriel Sterling fervently denounced the threats and harassment directed at election workers, imploring President Donald Trump to stop provoking such behavior and to condemn it inste...

Arizona Certifies Biden Win, GOP Governor Calls State’s Elections System ‘Strong

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["Arizona officials have certified Joe Biden’s narrow victory over President Donald Trump in the state. Democratic Secretary of State Katie Hobbs and Republican Gov. Doug Ducey stood up for the integrity of the electi...

Everything You Need To Know About The Georgia Runoff Elections

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["ASSOCIATED PRESS Gary Ragland, 64, votes for the first time at Atlanta's State Farm Arena during early voting in October. Georgia voters will once again head to the polls in January to determine the winners of two S...