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Airlines No Longer Have To Treat Emotional Support Animals As Service Animals

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["WASHINGTON, Des 2 (Reuters) - Only trained dogs qualify as service animals on U.S. airlines, as regulators rejected requests to extend legal protections to miniature horses, monkeys and other species, under final U....

John Travolta Posts Emotional Message To Fans After Wife’s Death

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["Actor John Travolta posted a gentle, heartfelt message on social media thanking his fans for reaching out to him after his wife’s death from breast cancer. Travolta’s wife, actress Kelly Preston, died in July after ...

Anderson Cooper Spotlights ‘What Really Matters’ Right Now In Emotional Monologue

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["Anderson Cooper on Friday delivered an emotional monologue about “what really matters” right now. And it isn’t President Donald Trump’s tantrums and refusal to acknowledge defeat in the 2020 verkiesing, argued the CNN...

Biden Signs Wall Of His Childhood Home During Emotional Election Day Visit

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["Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s final day on the campaign trail included a stop at his childhood home in Scranton, Pennsylvania. The emotional visit to the house, located on Scranton’s North Washington ...

Chrissy Teigen Shares Emotional Essay About Pregnancy Loss

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[]["JEAN-BAPTISTE LACROIX via Getty ImagesChrissy Teigen shared her experience with pregnancy complications and loss after nearly a month of social media silence.Chrissy Teigen opened up about her heartbreaking pregna...