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Barack Obama’s Memoir ‘A Promised LandIs Good, But Not Good Enough

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["삽화: HuffPost; Cover: Crown Publishing On Monday, The New York Times named Barack Obama’s “A Promised Land” one of the 10 best books of 2020. Previously, the paper had listed it as one of their 100 annual “...

19 Incredible Pumpkin Pie Recipes, Because One Is Never Enough

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[]["추수감사절의 모든 것: 모든 추수감사절 요리법 받기, 방법 등!Pumpkin pie is one of the quintessential Thanksgiving desserts. And while the pilgrims’ idea of pumpkin pie was radically different from...

Why Getting A COVID-19 Test Isn’t Enough To Have A Safe Holiday

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[]["Figuring out how to safely see family or friends over the holidays isn’t going to be an easy feat this year. You could take the safest route and strictly quarantine for two weeks before going indoors with others, ...

마크 주커 버그: Steve Bannon은 Facebook 금지 정책을 충분히 위반하지 않았습니다.

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["팔로 알토, 11월 12 (로이터) - 마크 저커버그 페이스북 최고경영자(CEO)는 목요일 전 직원 회의에서 스티브 배넌 전 트럼프 백악관 고문이 회사 정책을 충분히 위반하지 않았다고 말했다..

Biden Says ‘It’s ClearHe’s Winning Enough States To Emerge Victorious In Election

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["Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden said Wednesday that he believes “it’s clear” he is winning enough states to reach 270 Electoral College votes, which would secure him the presidency. The former vice presi...

‘Enough Of The Lies’: Joe Biden Is Done With Donald Trump’s COVID-19 BS In New Ad

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["President Donald Trump’s monthslong lies about the coronavirus pandemic are the focus of a new ad from Democratic nominee Joe Biden’s campaign. The 51-second clip begins with footage of Trump in January claiming COV...

‘That’s Enough.’ ’60 MinutesAirs Footage Of Trump Abruptly Leaving Interview

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["“60 Minutes” aired footage on Sunday of President Donald Trump abruptly ending an interview with the network after host Lesley Stahl asked a series of questions about his response to the COVID-19 pandemic and his us...