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巴拉克奥巴马的回忆录“应许之地”’ 很好, 但还不够好

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["插图: 赫芬顿邮报; 覆盖: 周一皇冠出版, 《纽约时报》将巴拉克奥巴马的“应许之地”命名为“应许之地”之一 10 最好的书 2020. 之前, 该报将其列为他们的一项 100 annual “...

19 令人难以置信的南瓜派食谱, 因为一个永远不够

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[]["感恩节一切: 获取我们所有的感恩节食谱, 操作方法及更多!南瓜派是典型的感恩节甜点之一. 虽然朝圣者对南瓜派的想法与...

Why Getting A COVID-19 Test Isn’t Enough To Have A Safe Holiday

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[]["Figuring out how to safely see family or friends over the holidays isn’t going to be an easy feat this year. You could take the safest route and strictly quarantine for two weeks before going indoors with others, ...

他因不知疲倦的投票报道而迅速成名。: 他因不知疲倦的投票报道而迅速成名。

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["他因不知疲倦的投票报道而迅速成名。, 十一月 12 (路透社) - 他因不知疲倦的投票报道而迅速成名。.

Biden Says ‘It’s ClearHe’s Winning Enough States To Emerge Victorious In Election

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["Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden said Wednesday that he believes “it’s clear” he is winning enough states to reach 270 Electoral College votes, which would secure him the presidency. The former vice presi...

‘Enough Of The Lies’: Joe Biden Is Done With Donald Trump’s COVID-19 BS In New Ad

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["President Donald Trump’s monthslong lies about the coronavirus pandemic are the focus of a new ad from Democratic nominee Joe Biden’s campaign. The 51-second clip begins with footage of Trump in January claiming COV...

‘That’s Enough.’ ’60 MinutesAirs Footage Of Trump Abruptly Leaving Interview

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["“60 Minutes” aired footage on Sunday of President Donald Trump abruptly ending an interview with the network after host Lesley Stahl asked a series of questions about his response to the COVID-19 pandemic and his us...