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WHOOPS! ‘Star Wars’ Fans Spotted A Big Goof In Latest ‘Mandalorian’ Episode

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["The collapse of the Empire seems to have been especially hard on dress codes as eagle-eyed fans of “The Mandalorian” spotted someone definitely out of uniform in the latest episode. As Mando and crew invade an old ...

‘Grey’s AnatomyAnd Katherine Heigl At Odds Again Over Scrapped Farewell Episode

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["Michael Desmond via Getty Images Katherine Heigl exited \"Grey's Anatomy\" six seasons in, amid speculation that she clashed with series creator Shonda Rhimes. Even in our wildest (Mc)dreams, no one ever expected Pa...

‘Jeopardy!’ Pays Tribute To Alex Trebek In First Episode Since His Death

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["“Jeopardy!” paid homage to its late host Alex Trebek with a special tribute on Monday’s show. After the legendary host died over the weekend at the age of 80 following a battle with Stage 4 pancreatic cancer, execu...

'Lovecraft Country’ Skrywer Ihuoma Ofordire Geregte Op Die Creepiest Episode Van Die Reeks

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["Na 10 visueel verstommende en onteenseglik skrikwekkende episodes, die eerste seisoen van HBO se wetenskapfiksie-dramareeks "Lovecraft Country" het tot 'n einde gekom. Die finale van die program het ons laat wonder wat met Diana gaan gebeur ...

Hello, It’s The Funniest Tweets From Adele’s Episode Of ‘SNL

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["Adele was rolling deep in praise after her first “Saturday Night Live” hosting gig. The 15-time Grammy winner showed off her many non-musical talents (OK, she did grace us with a few snippets from some of her great...