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Why Some Evangelicals Refuse To Acknowledge That Trump Has Lost The Election

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["Even as his position grows increasingly isolated, President Donald Trump is not walking alone in his suspended state of disbelief about the results of the 2020 verkiesing. He is being propped up, as he has for years, ...

These Evangelicals Voted For Trump In 2016. They Refuse To Do It Again.

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["Becky Madigan carried around her copy of Virginia’s sample election ballot for days. After a while, the edges of the pale yellow form began creasing. She highly suspects she spilled coffee on it at one point. Steeds,...

Billy Graham’s Granddaughter: EvangelicalsExcuses For Trump Hurt Their Reputation

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["Jerushah Duford is the granddaughter of the late American evangelist Billy Graham. It’s a label and a legacy the 42-year-old evangelical Christian remembers carrying when she was a little girl in elementary school, ...