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New Jersey Governor Lashes Rep. Matt ‘PutzGaetz Over Potential Superspreader Event In His State

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["New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy (D) shredded Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) for blithely featuring in an indoor event that could become a COVID-19 superspreader in Jersey City — and warned the health regulation-busting Republ...

HuffPost Event: Building Resilience In The Workplace During COVID-19

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[]["HuffPost USHuffPost's virtual event \"Resilience In The Workplace\" will take place Thursday, Des. 3, by 7 p.m. ET.In the age of COVID-19, an economic crisis, a highly divisive presidential election and a nationwi...

Four Seasons, Part II? Maddow Finds Something Weird In Next Big Giuliani Event

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["President Donald Trump’s legal team on Tuesday announced a state Senate hearing on election issues in Pennsylvania featuring former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, who is an attorney for the president. But MSNBC’s Ra...

Ad For Trump Event Containing Awkward Gaffes Gets A Twitter Roasting

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["Supporters of President Donald Trump faced ridicule Monday on Twitter after promoting a march to fight election results using a graphic containing two major blunders. The name of the state, Georgië, was spelled “Geo...

Trump se verkiesingsparty lyk sekerlik of dit nog 'n superverspreidergeleentheid is

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["Die Trump-administrasie het moontlik verklaar dat die koronaviruspandemie verby is, maar die siekte versprei vinnig - beide regoor die land en in president Donald Trump se eie Withuis. Net meer as 'n maand later...

EPA Cancels LGBTQ Pride And Resilience Event Due To Trump Crackdown

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["The Environmental Protection Agency canceled a virtual event on LGBTQ pride and resilience that was to be given by an 84-year-old psychologist and longtime gay rights activist, because of President Donald Trump’s ex...

No, Biden Didn’t Refer To Trump As ‘GeorgeDuring A Campaign Event

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["Right-wing Twitter was in a frenzy Sunday night when President Donald Trump’s campaign tweeted a clip purporting to show Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden referring to Trump as “George” during a virtual camp...

LGBTQ-advokate vernietig Tiffany Trump se toespraak by 'Trump Pride’ Gebeurtenis

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["Tiffany Trump, een van president Donald Trump se twee dogters, het oënskynlik vergeet van haar pa se rekord van die terugrol van LGBTQ-regte terwyl sy die naweek 'n "Trump Pride"-geleentheid op die hoof was. Die gebeurtenis, which took place...

Tucson Mayor Calls Out Trump Over $80,000 Rally Debt Before New Superspreader Event

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["The mayor of Tucson, Arizona, fired off a letter to President Donald Trump pointing out that his campaign still owes her city $80,000 for his last rally four years ago — even as he heads to his next potential supers...