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Jimmy Fallon Has An Ice Cold Prediction Of What Donald Trump Will Demand Next, Baby

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["Jimmy Fallon predicted what President Donald Trump will demand to stop next. As the 2020 election continues on a knife-edge, Trump has repeatedly called via Twitter to “stop the count” and “stop the fraud” as he bas...

Jimmy Fallon Spots The Utterly Unsurprising Contradiction In Trump’s Election Playbook

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["Jimmy Fallon flagged on Wednesday how President Donald Trump once again tried to have it both ways when he falsely claimed he’d already won the 2020 election while millions of votes were still left to count. In the ...

Donald Trump Haunted By His Past Rants In Jimmy Fallon Montage

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["President Donald Trump got interrupted by his own past rants in a montage that aired on Friday’s broadcast of “The Tonight Show.” Jimmy Fallon’s team inserted Trump’s previous bizarre musings into his lie-filled pre...

Jimmy Fallon Has NFL Players Say WTF Things In Real Interviews

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["“The Tonight Show” offered a hilarious antidote to the “take it one game at a time”-style cliches that some pro athletes are fond of using in interviews. (See the video above.) Host Jimmy Fallon supplied some NFL pl...

Jimmy Fallon Spots The Gag-Inducing Rudy Giuliani Moment People May Have Missed

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["Most eyes may have been on Rudy Giuliani when a dark liquid oozed down his face during his unhinged press conference alleging baseless claims about election fraud on Thursday. But Jimmy Fallon spotted another strang...

Donald Trump Mercilessly Fires Himself In Jimmy Fallon ‘Apprentice’ Mashup

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["Jimmy Fallon on Monday suggested the White House had finally found the perfect person to tell President Donald Trump to concede the 2020 elezione. And that person was... the outgoing president himself. “The Tonight ...

Jimmy Fallon Explains The Reason For Trump’s Bizarre Dance Moves

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["Donald Trump puts the why in “Y.M.C.A.” The president recently went viral for his bizarre dance to the famous Village People song at a Florida rally, and Jimmy Fallon may know the reason behind the president’s inter...

Donald Trump Jr.’s ‘Pumped’ Fox News Interview Gets The Treatment From Jimmy Fallon

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["Donald Trump Jr.’s “pumped” post-presidential debate interview on Fox News this week provided plenty of comic fodder for Jimmy Fallon. On Friday’s broadcast of “The Tonight Show,” Fallon cracked zing after zing abou...

Andrew Rannells, Jimmy Fallon Recap Hellish Year In ‘2020: The Musical

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["With Broadway closed indefinitely, Andrew Rannells used his Monday appearance on “The Tonight Show” to spotlight his musical prowess. The “Black Monday” star joined host Jimmy Fallon for “2020: The Musical,” a song-...