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福奇警告圣诞节可能会带来比感恩节更多的 COVID-19 病例

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["博士. Anthony Fauci has warned that Christmas and Hanukkah may bring more COVID-19 cases than the surge anticipated from Thanksgiving due to the number of days people are likely to spend celebrating with family and fr...

安东尼福奇在声称英国“匆忙”后回溯’ COVID-19 疫苗批准

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["美国顶级传染病专家驳回了一项建议,即英国. 过快地批准了 COVID-19 疫苗. 博士. 安东尼·福奇, 美国国家过敏和传染病研究所所长 ...

博士生活中的一天. 安东尼·福奇

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["自罗纳德·里根 (Ronald Regan) 担任总裁以来,安东尼·福奇 (Anthony Fauci) 一直负责管理美国国立卫生研究院的传染病机构,并在此后几乎在所有公共卫生干预措施和政策中都发挥了关键作用. 塔...


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["冠状病毒大流行肆虐,因为许多美国人及其政治领导人无视博士的指导. Anthony Fauci 和其他卫生官员. 但福克斯新闻人物塔克卡尔森周三震惊了。.

Fauci 警告 COVID-19“一时兴起”’ 数以百万计的人在假期旅行

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["博士. 安东尼·福奇, 白宫冠状病毒特别工作组的顶级传染病专家, 周日预测,COVID-19 感染的数量将在未来几周内猛增,因为数百万美国....

福奇: 圣诞节和新年不会有任何不同’ 比感恩节

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["博士. 安东尼·福奇 (Anthony Fauci) 警告美国人要为艰难的假期做好准备, 因为圣诞节和新年可能会像感恩节一样受到冠状病毒的影响. 与今日美国交谈, 直接...

Fauci Says He Hasn’t Spoken With Biden’s Team Yet Due To His ‘Compromised Position

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["博士. Anthony Fauci told the USA Today editorial board in a livestreamed interview on Wednesday that he had not yet communicated with the transition team of President-elect Joe Biden ― likely because the team understo...

Moderna Says Its COVID Vaccine Is 94.5% Effective; Fauci Calls Results ‘Truly Striking

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["Another experimental COVID-19 vaccine is proving highly effective in trials, according to its manufacturer, offering the best hope yet that a large portion of the U.S. population will be getting immunized sometime i...

Fauci Warns Trump’s Stalled Handoff To Biden Could Delay Vaccine Rollout

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["博士. 安东尼·福奇, 白宫冠状病毒特别工作组的顶级传染病专家, suggested Monday that President Donald Trump’s delayed handoff to President-elect Joe Biden could slow the coronaviru...

冠状病毒实时更新: Fauci Applauds Early Data From Moderna, Pfizer Vaccines

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["The coronavirus continues to disrupt daily life around the globe, 超过 54.5 million people confirmed to have contracted COVID-19 since Chinese officials implemented the first coronavirus lockdown in the ci...

博士. 斯科特·阿特拉斯: Fauci Is A ‘Political Animal,’ COVID-19 Lockdowns ‘Kill People

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["博士. 斯科特·阿特拉斯, 白宫备受争议的冠状病毒顾问, took aim at Dr. Anthony Fauci on Tuesday, labeling the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases a “political animal”...

博士. Anthony Fauci Responds To Steve Bannon Calling For His Beheading

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["博士. Anthony Fauci on Wednesday acknowledged former White House strategist Steve Bannon’s horrifying remarks about beheading him, calling the situation “really kind of unusual.” Fauci, the nation’s top infectious dis...

福奇: High-Priority Coronavirus Vaccine Doses May Be Available By December

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["博士. Anthony Fauci said he expects that doses of Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine will be available for high-priority recipients as early as December after tests showed “impressive” results this week. In an interview wit...

博士. Anthony Fauci Says He Has ‘No Intention Of LeavingHis Job

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["Despite President Donald Trump dropping hints that he wanted to fire him, 博士. Anthony Fauci said Monday he has no plans to leave as director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. “I have no i...

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福奇: Australia Has ‘Done Actually Quite WellContaining COVID-19, Unlike The U.S.

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["Speaking on a panel sponsored by Australia’s University of Melbourne, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Dr. Anthony Fauci said that the United States had unfortunately lagged behi...

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