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Belgium’s Ex-King Albert Finally Meets Daughter After Decades-Long Paternity Fight

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["BRUSSELS (Reuters) - Belgium’s former King Albert has met his daughter Delphine for the first time, after she won a seven-year legal battle to prove that he is her father, earning recognition as a princess. The two ...

What Pfizer’s Vaccine News Means For The Fight Against COVID-19

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["The big COVID-19 news from Monday is Pfizer’s announcement that its experimental vaccine looks to be highly effective at preventing the disease, with no apparent safety problems ― although, to be clear, that’s all b...

Louisiana Evangelical Pastor Loses Again In Court Fight To End Virus Restrictions

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["A federal judge has thrown out a Louisiana pastor’s lawsuit seeking to worship without crowd-size restrictions during the COVID-19 pandemic, insisting that Democratic Gov. John Bel Edwards’ attempts to curb the spre...

Giuliani’s Wild Four Seasons Rant Reportedly Scared Top Attorneys From Election Fight

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["A number of lawyers were so disturbed by Rudy Giuliani’s conspiracy-riddled rant at a news conference last week that they bailed on commitments to work on President Donald Trump’s election legal challenges, Politico...

Donor In Trump’s Election ‘FraudFight Sues To Snatch Back His $2.5 Million Contribution

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["A major contributor to a group backing President Donald Trump’s fight to overturn the presidential election sued to recover $2.5 million in donations after the campaign failed in several court cases and was unable t...

Il principale gruppo ebraico si unisce alla lotta contro la massiccia vendita di armi in Medio Oriente da parte di Trump

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["Illustrazione: Damon Dahlen/HuffPost; Fotografie: Getty J Street, un'importante organizzazione ebraica americana che lavora su questioni mediorientali, si unisce alla crescente spinta per impedire al presidente Donald Trump di inviare $23 miliardi...

Should Parents Intervene When Siblings Fight?

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[]["skynesher via Getty ImagesHaving to spend so much time at home together is a recipe for sibling bickering.I have two young kids, and one of my great joys as a parent has been watching their relationship blossom. T...