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["ST. 圣彼得堡, 弗拉. —想想他是个大人, shier Biden voter. 男, 58 岁, 一生的共和党人. 投票选举候选人唐纳德·特朗普(Donald Trump) 2016 但拒绝与唐纳德·特朗普总统有任何关系 ...

Dozen People Overcome By Heat, Rushed To Hospital During Trump’s Florida Rally

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["At least a dozen people who were overcome by heat during Donald Trump’s rally in Tampa, Florida Thursday, were taken to a local hospital, authorities reported. Although 17 people needed medical attention, some were ...

一种 $15 Minimum Wage Could Be Coming Soon To Florida

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["Low-wage workers in Florida’s sprawling service economy may soon find themselves on the path to a $15 minimum wage, thanks to one of the most far-reaching referendums in the country this year. Along with possibly de...

Florida Voters Approve $15 Minimum Wage

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["A Florida ballot initiative that will gradually raise the state’s minimum wage to $15 per hour is projected to pass, 据美联社报道. The proposal, known as Amendment 2, needed at least 60% approv...

Tropical Storm Eta Floods Already Drenched Florida Cities

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["FORT LAUDERDALE, 弗拉. (美联社) — Cities in South Florida mopped up after Tropical Storm Eta flooded some urban areas with a deluge that swamped entire neighborhoods and filled some homes with rising water that did not d...


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["玛丽埃塔, 嘎. (美联社) — 选举官员正在调查佛罗里达州律师的行为,他们说他试图在佐治亚州的一场高风险决选中登记投票,这将决定美国的控制权. 参议院. 他们....

Florida Police Raid House Of COVID-19 Whistleblower Rebekah Jones

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["Rebekah Jones, the former Florida official who says she was ousted from her job managing the state’s COVID-19 data for refusing to censor and alter case information, said Monday that armed officers raided her Tallah...