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Federal Judge Rejects Trump Rules Limiting Foreign Worker Visas

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["CHICAGO (AP) — A federal judge on Tuesday struck down two Trump administration rules designed to drastically curtail the number of visas issued each year to skilled foreign workers. The changes applying to the H-1B ...

Joe Biden To Name Foreign Policy Hand Tony Blinken As Secretary of State: 보고서

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["President-elect Joe Biden will tap Tony Blinken as his Secretary of State on Tuesday, Bloomberg and The New York Times reported on Sunday night. The move elevates a longtime Biden aide with deep experience in foreig...

Foreign Leaders Plan For Trump-Fueled Chaos In The U.S.

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["After most U.S. elections, foreign officials have a set procedure: They watch as one candidate concedes defeat and the other declares victory, and then they congratulate the victor. This year is more complicated. NS...

Trevor Noah’s Horrific History Of Trump’s Foreign Trips Is Road To Hell

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["Trevor Noah took a trip down memory lane recalling President Donald Trump’s meetings abroad ― and it wasn’t a pleasant journey. In the video below posted Tuesday by “The Daily Show,” the host recounted the president...