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Trump’s Legal Team Cried Voter Fraud, But Courts Found None

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["PHILADELPHIA (AP) — As they frantically searched for ways to salvage President Donald Trump’s failed reelection bid, his campaign pursued a dizzying game of legal hopscotch across six states that centered on the big...

Stolen Bigfoot Statue Found Along Road In Santa Cruz County

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["SCOTTS VALLEY, 칼리프. (AP) — Police officers in the mountains north of Santa Cruz responded to a suspicious figure in a roadway early Thursday and found Bigfoot. “He was a little banged up but will be returned to hi...

Hundreds Of Parents Separated From Their Kids Under Trump Still Can’t Be Found: ACLU

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["Lawyers tasked with identifying and reuniting families separated in 2017 그리고 2018 under the Trump administration’s so-called “zero tolerance” border policy say they still haven’t been able to locate the parents of a...