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38 Funny Things People Have Learned About Partners While Working From Home

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[]["Seven months into the coronavirus pandemic, those of us who’ve been in lockdown with our significant others could write whole books about their weird habits and the little factoids about their childhood they’ve le...

Not So Funny: ‘StrollinTo The PollsTakes On Voter Suppression On ‘SNL

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["One of “Saturday Night Live’s” killer fake bands took on voter suppression in a smirky “Strollin’ to the Polls.” “It’s time to march on down, get our voices heard,” sings Chris Redd. But the excited strollers soon ...

35 Funny Names Kids Give Everyday Things, According To Their Parents

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[]["JGI/Jamie Grill via Getty ImagesKids are still learning the English language, so they’re bound to make a few errors.Anyone who’s been around children knows they offer a number of creative takes on the English lang...

50 Funny Tweets About Bribery From Parents Who Use It Well

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[]["Parents develop a highly specific set of skills to deal with the day-to-day grind of raising small humans.There’s diaper changing, potty training, hiding vegetables in kid-friendly foods, chauffeuring, finding mis...

35 Funny Tweets That Sum Up Halloween In 2020

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[]["Annual traditions are looking very different in 2020 ― from Zoom Mother’s Day brunches to distanced Fourth of July barbecues. Naturalmente, Halloween is getting a similar treatment in the age of the COVID-19 pandemic...

33 Funny Tweets About Things Kids Say During Their Parents’ Zoom Meetings

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[]["You haven’t fully lived the 2020 experience if you haven’t seen a child interrupt a Zoom meeting to say something hilarious, adorable or downright bizarre.From odd requests to TMI declarations, there’s no shortage...

45 Funny Holiday Greeting Cards That Sum Up 2020

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[]["We’ve made it through pandemic Thanksgiving, Halloween, Mother’s Day and more. Now we’re wrapping up the year with the December holidays ― 2020 style. Many artists have created funny and relatable Christmas and Ha...

Here Are The Sad & Funny Holiday Gifts Employees Would Actually Want To Get

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[]["Prasert Krainukul via Getty ImagesAlthough some employers are getting creative with elaborate holiday gifts during COVID-19, cash is still the best thing an employer can give.To make up for a hellish year of livin...