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Michael J. Fox Compares Trump To Biff, Notorious Bully Of ‘Back To The Future

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["In an interview with The Guardian published this weekend, “Back to the Future” star Michael J. Fox compared Donald Trump to Biff Tannen, the main antagonist in the film franchise. “Every worst instinct in mankind ha...

Trump’s Refusal To Concede Complicates Mike Pence’s Political Future

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["워싱턴 (AP) — For Mike Pence, a second term for President Donald Trump would have been a 2024 ticket to Republican frontrunner status. But with Trump’s loss — after Pence spent the last four years as his most lo...

Gretchen Whitmer’s Fight In Michigan Could Be The Democratic Party’s Future

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["President Donald Trump loves attacking Michigan’s Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, and one of his favorite insults is that she’s alienated her constituents with her aggressive COVID-19 response. “They’re not liking...

Fortune Feimster Says Concerns For Same-Sex Marriage’s Future Prompted Her To Wed Early

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["Fortune Feimster surprised fans this weekend by revealing that she and longtime girlfriend Jacquelyn Smith tied the knot. The actor and comedian, whose credits include “The Mindy Project” and “The L Word: Generatio...

Watch Ben Stiller’s More Emo Marty McFly In ‘Back To The FutureAudition

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["Ben Stiller showed what could have been during his unearthed audition as Marty McFly for the 1985 classic “Back to the Future.” (Watch it above.) The part of course went to Michael J. Fox, but the future “Zoolander”...