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Joe Biden To Choose Retired General Lloyd Austin For Defense Secretary: Rapporti

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["President-elect Joe Biden has reportedly chosen retired Gen. Lloyd Austin to lead the Pentagon, his latest Cabinet pick. The decision, first reported by Politico on Monday and confirmed by CNN, follows Biden telling...

Surgeon General Issues ‘Dire’ COVID-19 Warning As Trump White House Plans Indoor Parties

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["NOI. Surgeon General Jerome Adams on Monday warned people to “be smart” with their Thanksgiving celebrations this year in a bid to curb the spread of the coronavirus. Adams also applied his caution to outgoing Presi...

Kim Ng Becomes Marlins General Manager, Making All Kinds Of History

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["Kim Ng started her Major League Baseball career as an intern, and three decades later she’s still on the rise and shattering ceilings. Ng became the highest-ranking woman in baseball operations in the major leagues ...

Arizona’s GOP Attorney General: Trump Likely Lost State, No Evidence Of Fraud

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["Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich, a Republican, said Wednesday he believed President Donald Trump would likely lose the state and that there were no “facts” to back up claims of rampant voter fraud, the latest...

Trump’s USGS Chief Violated Whistleblower Protection Law, Says Inspector General

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["The head of the U.S. Geological Survey violated the federal whistleblower protection law when he retaliated against an agency employee who had filed a complaint about his conduct, according to a new report from the ...

Watch The New York Jets Break Their General Manager In Another Ugly Loss

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["The New York Jets’ winless season is destroying the tone at the top. Watch general manager Joe Douglas face-palm and close his eyes amid another hapless loss, this time to the Miami Dolphins. Even Joe Douglas can’t ...