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Georgia Secretary of State: Trump Lost State Because He ‘DepressedGOP Vote

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["Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger says President Donald Trump could have won the state by 10,000 votes ― if he hadn’t discouraged the votes of his own supporters. In plaas daarvan, Democrat Joe Biden won the stat...

Puerto Rico Becomes Flashpoint In Jon Ossoff’s Senate Race In Georgia

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["Getty Images Former Rep. Luis Gutiérrez (D), at right, has withdrawn his support from Georgia Democrat Jon Ossoff's Senate campaign pending assurances about Puerto Rican self-determination. Former Rep. Luis Gutiérre...

Georgia Finishes Presidential Hand Tally, Affirms Joe Biden’s Lead

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["ATLANTA (AP) — A top Georgia election official said Thursday that a hand tally of ballots cast in the presidential race has been completed, and that the results affirm Democrat Joe Biden’s narrow lead over Republica...

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